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The Discombobulator

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By Seventh-Monkey (See more)
13th July, 2004

Hosted Externally - RMF, BSP

Last edited: 15th October, 2005


My competition entry. It's a minimod, just unzip it to your Half-Life directory whilst retaining the directory structure of the archive.

Read the readme for, uh, readme stuff.

'luck to everyone for the results.


avatar RabidMonkey says: 13th July 2004, 06:27 AM
avatar ZombieLoffe says: 13th July 2004, 07:02 AM
err? Does it end where it says Gordon freeman, terminated blah blah blah?
avatar Trapt says: 13th July 2004, 08:10 AM
Unclear ending. I was waiting for something to happen.
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 13th July 2004, 14:26 PM
I thought HLers'd recognise the familiar ending text :
avatar jaardsi says: 13th July 2004, 14:48 PM
Well yeah but I was expecting so much more :O
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 13th July 2004, 15:10 PM
Sorry :) I only started half-way through the timelimit.
avatar AJ says: 13th July 2004, 23:54 PM
Nice idea. The little touches made it quite good, however the ending was a bit of a let down. Still good work, and good luck!
avatar Gus ( Ozone11 ) says: 14th July 2004, 03:17 AM
look that was amazing....hes got the first prize i can see anyway.....but the ending is O.K

especially when you've got only little time to make the mod answell as LIVE your well done mate
avatar RacerX says: 14th July 2004, 11:17 AM
i survived and killed a grunt :) did i win!??
avatar CallMeN00b says: 14th July 2004, 13:20 PM
wut does happen at the end of half-life game?
not bad...
avatar Vassy says: 14th July 2004, 14:49 PM
Oh I've lost the compo. Oh well.
avatar pepper says: 14th July 2004, 18:01 PM
how could you be able to kill a grunt wihtout weapons
avatar SilentGunz says: 14th July 2004, 18:50 PM
n00b, did you ever beat Half-Life sp, let alone play it?
avatar grif the gnome says: 14th July 2004, 22:30 PM
that was confuuziling:b
avatar RacerX says: 15th July 2004, 11:08 AM
pepper, all u need to do is run around and hide out up top while the grunts launch and throw nades at you. wait for one of them to get killed by ff, then go grab his gun and kill the other. voila
avatar RacerX says: 15th July 2004, 11:09 AM
p.s. i took a screen if you dont believe me :p
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 15th July 2004, 16:06 PM
Curse their stupidity. I shoulda set it to kill the player as soon as one of them dies... oh well.
avatar franky says: 7th February 2005, 16:19 PM
did all the machine do was have lights and electricity and the ability to instantly kill your player?
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 21st February 2005, 15:43 PM
Well, it was going to make you weightless but, as everyone always does, I ran out of time :)
avatar rowleybob says: 28th February 2005, 21:18 PM
-great splash screen!
-Elevator falling with scientist
-secret door
-puddle reflection--sweet idea!
-Car chase--of course!
-General arhitecture
-Barney's music
-the 'arrow-shaped' windows
-Discombobulator effects-scientists floating, beams etc.
-stuff in the backgourd you can't get to fire, etc.

-Discomboublator chamber is boxy
-I know you ran out of time, but the ending left me saying 'what the heck?'
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 4th March 2005, 18:06 PM
Glad you like it on the whole at least :)
avatar rowleybob says: 5th March 2005, 08:07 AM
Yeah the reflective puddle especially....pretty awsome, which is another of your ideas I plan on stealing BTW! :o
avatar rowleybob says: 6th March 2005, 23:00 PM
Oh I for got the:


Sorry. :)
avatar flyingduck says: 29th April 2005, 15:20 PM
Discombob. kicks ass!
avatar Madcow says: star star star star star 4th October 2005, 11:44 AM
Really nice map,, but I still wonder what happened.. >_<
You made that end on purpose didn't you? ^^
avatar Elon Yariv says: star star star star star 5th October 2005, 14:28 PM
Nice! I really liked it but it's short.
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 5th October 2005, 14:58 PM
Of course it's short, it's only a competition entry :) Thanks for the stars, though, heh.
avatar jaardsi says: 6th October 2005, 17:02 PM
All hail the old monkey.
avatar Madcow says: 8th October 2005, 09:30 AM
You're not talking about Saddam again, are you?
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 15th October 2005, 15:41 PM
Hooray, a nicer screenshot!
avatar Madcow says: 16th October 2005, 07:49 AM
Is the map updated? :O
avatar Daubster says: 21st October 2005, 12:55 PM
Pimped, imo.. :)
avatar rowleybob says: 22nd October 2005, 12:47 PM
You changed the

At leeast put the monkey--the better one-- in the corner like the original :P
avatar Habboi says: 2nd November 2005, 13:55 PM
How sad...To replace a picture....
avatar shadowhunter says: star star star star 20th December 2005, 13:48 PM
I played it like 3 times and the little touches were good. The ending wasnt great but i cant blame you since you said you started in the miidle of the compo. I didnt quite understand what i was stepping into but other than that good. 4 stars
avatar JudgeDeadd says: star star star star 18th March 2006, 06:17 AM
Quite good, quite good. The ending was a bit confusing.
avatar Habboi says: 6th January 2009, 10:17 AM
Ah what a legendary map. I can never forget entering the machine and then being killed(?) or arrested.

And why did I say: "How sad...To replace a picture...." :S What a nub I was.
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