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Dungeon Death SP

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map screenshot

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By Dark Tree (See more)
13th November, 2004

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 29th September, 2012


A castle with a large underground dungeon. Escape alive if you can. Read the readme.htm in the the zip for more info or read more at my site:


Part 1:
Part 2:

*Update 09/29/12* youtube links no longer private! Fixed html site URL.

*update 5/12/10* Added youtube walkthroughs here

*Update 1/20/06* Updated website with new screenshots

*Update 08/28/05* I have re-packed the zip with 6 of the missing sprites from dt_3.bsp that would cause the game to crash.


avatar Sajo says: 14th November 2004, 15:41 PM
mmm bad surface extents...??
avatar Sajo says: 15th November 2004, 17:53 PM
my mistake? ;)






5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

(did I wrote right?)KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!:)))
avatar dps says: 15th November 2004, 20:02 PM
+Great challenge, lots of fun to play
+Consistent, quality endured (almost) to the end
+Plenty of new models & custom content
+Loved the little flame scene after the end credits
-Lighting sometimes seems to flood areas (like fullbright, but only half as bright :) The initial hallway is an exception to this.
-Big open room just before the gargantua room is ugly

4 stars overall, nice work.
avatar satchmo says: 15th November 2004, 20:33 PM
Hope you'll consider porting this to Source. It's released too close to HL2 debut, so it might not get as much audience as it deserves.
avatar CrAzY says: 15th November 2004, 23:09 PM
NOOOO I wanna try it so bad but when I click new game it says "Invalid DLL"
??? WTF NOOO :( My Half-life has been acting weird lately, spirits DLL's dont work either..
avatar Mercenary says: 20th November 2004, 22:20 PM
avatar Mercenary says: 20th November 2004, 22:22 PM
CrAzY... try to create a normal game(like training room) and then just say changelevel dt_dungeon1(2 or 3) in the console! It worked for me
avatar Slasher_101 says: 21st November 2004, 05:12 AM
Damn good map / mod !!! There isn't anything I can complain about ! VERY, FRICKIN' WELL DONE !!
avatar hazardous! says: 26th November 2004, 12:26 PM
A lot has changed since I saw this the last time.
This is probably the map that brought me the most joy in the vault.

There are a few gameplaybugs, but nothing they player can't overcome with noclip.

I found the ZELDA like puzzle really good. And the end is very ... tempting. The music fits great.

Well done!
avatar mfw41 says: 15th December 2004, 03:07 AM
Where is it? The DOWNLOAD link doesn't work.
avatar grifthegnome says: 5th January 2005, 02:17 AM
Hey, great job the lighting was a little to bright but very nice work, but i was having some troubble loading dt_3 it says i wasd missing a muzzle flash sprite got and ideas what could have gone wrong?
avatar Dark Tree says: 10th January 2005, 15:18 PM
That means you don't have the muzzle flash sprite in your sprites folder. Put the proper .spr file (found in the pak file) into your sprites folder :-)
avatar Dark Tree says: 3rd March 2005, 03:26 AM
Hmmm..thinking of porting this to source or HL2 with bugs removed and such....funny looking back at it how many things needed to be improved :-)
avatar Habboi says: 28th March 2005, 17:31 PM
I was told on IRC that this map was good and it had a Zelda theme so I am gonna download!
avatar Dark Tree says: 24th May 2005, 07:54 AM
Well tell me how you like it!
avatar Dark Tree says: 29th August 2005, 23:37 PM
Just so you guys all know, I have re-packed this map with the 6 missing sprites from dt_3.bsp that would previously make the game crash.

I had forgotten to include the sprites in the zip, so, if you didn't have them, the game would crash upon loading the dt_3.bsp

Have fun gang! email me with any inquiries about the game.
avatar BrattyLord says: star star star star star 17th January 2006, 17:32 PM

Great map!

I absolutly love the lighting. Great job man!
avatar DiscoStu says: 8th August 2009, 22:06 PM
I just can't find anything to do, what am I missing?
avatar Dark Tree says: 19th November 2009, 11:29 AM
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star 19th March 2010, 20:45 PM
very neat map, but i must say i don't have tons of patience for puzzles and mazes, though everything looks very well-done. (i quit at the tripmines.. were you supposed to drag the crate all the way over from the other side?)

maybe checkout the above walkthrough and try again later? maybe you should include a text walkthrough for us lazies, or better yet, have a button at the beginning that toggles "hints". (i've seen other puzzle maps that have a sprite or arrow pointing to where you should go if you opt for the hint, but i can't remember who the mapper was...)

anyway, very nicely-built map!

p.s. nice suit of armor/hev LOL!!

+great walktrhough video albeit very long(didn't even watch the whole thing, downloaded it.
+nice use of sound(saw from walktrhough)
-no custom splash a bit of a minus for such a big/nice project
-a little more texture variation would have been nice
-a little more detail/trim work would have also been nice
+puzzle ideas very well-done (from what i saw)
avatar jayne cobb says: star star star star star 24th March 2010, 12:19 PM
Superb fun this is a great work. I loved the disintegrating church and everything was so well designed. A bit hard though..
avatar Dark Tree says: 12th May 2010, 22:57 PM
Wow thanks guys! I can't believe people are still playing this 6 years after release!! I am ashamed of some of the game-stopping bugs still existent in the game, though.

@Captain Terror: There are two sets of tripmines. Neither of which you need a box for... in fact, I am pretty sure a lip on the floor prevents you from bringing it over anyway. Also, before you can even get PASSED the tripmines, you must first pass through the church. If you haven't gotten THERE yet, do so first. To get to the church, you DO need the box (to get up and jump through the broken window over a rusted door nearby.)

Anywho... after you go through the church and come back again...

To get past the first set of tripmines, simply jump+duck over them. They are easily clearable by running then jumping+ducking over them.

To get over the second set of Tripmines, you will need the Bible (aka the remodeled and skinned satchel). The Satchel is being protected by 3 ceiling-mounted tentacles.

@jayne cobb: Yes it is difficult. It has too steep of a learning curve among other things. Thank you for playing! I am working on a new mod this summer based on the HL2E2 engine, and hope to re-make dungeon death someday with all of my knowledge learned over the years...
avatar Striker says: star star star star 12th January 2014, 16:39 PM
Well I played this out of curiosity. I'm going to voice my opinion by keeping in mind that it was made 9 years ago.

Its atmosphere and design of architecture( which in some areas is good, but most of the halls are poorly detailed and use the same texture everywhere) strongly reminds me of Tomb Raider gameplay. Some of the puzzles were quite hard to figure out( there was a lack of consistency of what grates are "doors" and what grates are breakables), and honestly I cheated at some point by noclipping.

It was satisfying.
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: star star star star star 2nd September 2016, 20:30 PM
Wow nice church architecture - But I would like you build more models because it looks real like we go in the church. We pray for god like evangelic or catholic. That is good idea. But Who build real church / temple for Muslim Temples like Oman Style. If you know to build. You know Any users play with your maps. I am sure.. Good job!
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