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Compo 12 Egyptian Museum

Map Vault > Completed Maps

map screenshot

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By RacerX (See more)
18th November, 2004

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 18th November, 2004


Take a walk around this mysterious Egyptian museum. You never know what you might discover :)

Hope you like it!


P.S. For those of you with a little less powerfull machines, you can download a "lite" version of this map at (This version hogs a lot less resources)


avatar RacerX says: 18th November 2004, 22:10 PM
I just updated both versions of this map for the compo. They can be downloaded from the same link at the top and the same address above. Just overwrite the old versions.

P.S. What, no comments!? ;)
avatar rowleybob says: 18th November 2004, 22:14 PM
Drop this valve folder in your half-life folder then run the map called "rx_museum".

Really, and overwrite the valve folder that's already there? Why don't you put your map in minimod format as stated in the compo, and I might look at it.
avatar RacerX says: 19th November 2004, 00:38 AM
"Really, and overwrite the valve folder that's already there?"

Nothing will be overwritten. If you dont beleieve me, copy your halfilfe folder to your desktop and put my valve folder in it.

"Why don't you put your map in minimod format as stated in the compo"

Because I'm new to half-life mapping and I dont know how to. I looked at Anthony's entry and he did basicly the same thing.

The only custom files I included are some sprites, sounds, models, and a sky. All my custom files are in subfolders called rx_tomb, so unless you have different files than mine with the same name as mine in subfolders called rx_tomb, absolutely nothing will be overwritten.

I'll buy you a new computer if my map map messes up your valve folder ;) Try it!
avatar rowleybob says: 20th November 2004, 03:48 AM
I put it in minimod format and checked it out--really cool map. If you read the minimod tutorial--on this site--you can set it up in less than 5 minutes.
avatar RacerX says: 20th November 2004, 05:08 AM
Doh, didn't see those. :o I looked for a "minimod" tut. Oh well, now I know where to look. Thanks for the info and the comment :)
avatar dps says: 20th November 2004, 14:08 PM
+Great textures and all...
+Good architecture
+Threw in some clever features (i.e. spider web brush carving a human contour out when you go through it.)
-Museum is too small. Think about adding another room or something. Surely the real museum you're basing this off of has more than one big room...
-Tomb map is more like a survival minimod than a compo entry of this nature. Still very good though.

Or perhaps I'm maistaking about the last comment. It all depends on whether your tomb map is going to be part of your compo entree. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want it to be, but you didn't mention it in your description.

3 stars.
avatar RacerX says: 20th November 2004, 15:30 PM
"-Museum is too small. Think about adding another room or something. Surely the real museum you're basing this off of has more than one big room..."

Hehe unfortunately I only had a couple weeks to work on the map from the time I found out about the compo. I would have prefered to put much more into it but I have school and other stuff I had to do. As it is the map is about 50-60% of what I had envisioned for it. Oh, and actually the rest of the huge museum is on the other side of that locked door! Damn, I should have left the key in there so people could go into the rest of the museum ;).

"-Tomb map is more like a survival minimod than a compo entry of this nature. Still very good though."

I wanted to recreate reference photos from both the museum and the tomb. I thought an Eygptian tomb would have booby traps and stuff (from what I see in the movies ;)) and I figured the "puzzles" would give players something fun to do in the map while looking at the scenery. I had planned a third map for this entry which would be the starting point and would explain the whole story/mission. It was going to be a recreation of a local bread factory, which was really a secret labratory, but like I said I ran out of time. Thanks for the comments!
avatar Sajo says: 20th November 2004, 17:52 PM
Everything is fine except the scorpion .Should it attack the player??
avatar RacerX says: 20th November 2004, 19:30 PM
It charges towards the player and attacks once, but thats all I could get him to do since he has no AI, and I have limited knowledge of half-life entities:)

Thanks for looking the map over.
avatar RabidMonkey says: 21st November 2004, 12:28 PM
I like it :)

The map matches the reference photos very accurately, and was pretty detailed.

And I liked the tomb part - seemed accurate to images, again, and had some fun puzzles.

I'd suggest, though, putting this in a minimod format, so we can just run your mod and make a new game instead of manually running the map - It's much more convenient for everyone that way.
avatar RacerX says: 30th November 2004, 16:22 PM
Thanks Rabid. I didn't see the tut on minimods until after I submitted this :(
Next time :)
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