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Cathedral compo13

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map screenshot

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By VOX (See more)
6th May, 2005

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 9th May, 2005


This is my entry for the last compo.
Please excuse the not having a screenshot, because I don't have HL or anything on my computer because it screws it up.
Maybe a moderator could post one if he was feeling generous?

But really, it's worth the download. I think.


avatar AJ says: 6th May 2005, 23:43 PM
Some notes on yours: I was quite impressed by this map. The brush work was quite nice, as well as the general atmosphere. The lighting was spot on, as well as that spooky choral music, which definatly accentuated the mood. The use of the G-Man (or G-Men) was good too. However, it did need something else to spice it up a little, as it came across as a little boring. Very nice job overall.
avatar Habboi says: 7th May 2005, 12:17 PM
How by chance did you test this map if you don't have hl1????
avatar rowleybob says: 7th May 2005, 21:34 PM
Exquisite architecture and good texturing. Ever consider doing a complicated brushwork tutorial.

Amazing map, great job!
avatar VOX says: 8th May 2005, 14:56 PM
I made this map when I had all my HL editing stuff on my computer. I re-installed windows, but the map is still uploaded to the webspace, so I don't have a screen shot. Of course I tested it before I installed windows again. The competition has been closed for a looooong time.
avatar rowleybob says: 8th May 2005, 15:29 PM
Would you be willing to write a tutorail on advanced brushwork? I have not a clue how you did those ceiling struts without making invalid brushes!
avatar RabidMonkey says: 9th May 2005, 00:17 AM
The basic way to perform said advanced brushwork is to split the offending invalid brushes into triangles :D
avatar SlayerA says: 9th May 2005, 21:30 PM
This looks really good. The music really added to the effect. And I loved the G-monks! I added the screenshot for you.
avatar Kasperg says: 10th May 2005, 10:52 AM
nice!! this map was also very unique
avatar VOX says: 10th May 2005, 23:20 PM
For the cieling struts- I made three columns the same shape right next to each other the height of the ceiling at its highest point. I then broke them into several columns on top of eachother. Then I wentto the side view and VM-d the top verteces to make a curved look. then I went to the front view and fanned the two side column sets the same length outward.

| /
| /

then i copied and pasted them to equal distance pillars on the walls.
the measurments and fine tuning took quite a while
avatar VOX says: 10th May 2005, 23:20 PM
eh damn no spacing
avatar Guinea Pirate says: 12th May 2005, 18:36 PM
Thats an awesome map. The sheer size and beauty of it are incredible. I like it better than the winning maps IMO. Excellent work.
avatar J3r3my says: 25th May 2005, 03:41 AM
Thats one hell of a sweet map. It shoulda won something :( It gets 5 stars from me :D *****
avatar VOX says: 17th July 2005, 23:53 PM
I just wanted to say to those of you who thought it needed something, I didn't have any room in the map for anything else. Patches were near maxed, and compile time was about 9.5 hours. I was going for pure detail.
avatar SpaG says: star star star star star 20th September 2005, 15:04 PM
wow this map is awesome :O
avatar dragons says: star star star star star 26th January 2006, 23:44 PM
hey anyone ever play qkennyq's chartres cathedral map for quake3? this map reminds me of it. Awesome brushwork
avatar fitzroy_doll says: 19th March 2007, 10:06 AM
Because the download link above seems to be dead, I have uploaded this map elsewhere:;6973669;;/fil

You can also download a Steam compatible conversion of the splash screen if you wish:;5317638;;/fil
avatar DomnuKalu says: 26th June 2007, 19:17 PM
Good job! But:
Ever seen red carpets in a church?
Ever seen a cross shape church?
Ever seen knight flags hanging in a church?
I looks more like the inside of a huge airplane with hollow wings.
So, it stinks! :D
avatar Suparsonik says: star star star star star 29th July 2010, 01:16 AM
^ dick

here, i'll rate for you.
avatar Dimbeak says: star star star star star 24th September 2016, 15:47 PM
me too
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