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By Rimrook (See more)
2nd September, 2005

350.65KB - BSP

Last edited: 25th October, 2005


UPDATE: .rmf is now included.

This map is made using only one single texture and no angles... Besides the lights. I didn't check the R_Speeds so i bet they are murder. It performed fine on my PC. I know it's blocky, it's supposed to be.

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avatar Sajo says: 2nd September 2005, 13:12 PM
It looks awesome!Like the snark :)

avatar Sajo says: star star star star 2nd September 2005, 13:32 PM
Smartly done

+Using 1 Texture
+Weapon Placement

but i didnt like the gameplay somehow,it looked pretty boring to me with 1 texture.
avatar FresheD says: star star star 2nd September 2005, 13:54 PM
+ Architecture
+ Light
+ Weapon placement

+/- Gameplay

- 1 texture
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 2nd September 2005, 14:00 PM
Mark it correctly!
avatar Madcow says: 2nd September 2005, 15:04 PM
Heh,, look at the snark..

Nice map though! :)
avatar Sajo says: 2nd September 2005, 15:23 PM
Nobody plays detailed ,high quality custom maps in CS!
avatar Kasperg says: star star star star 2nd September 2005, 17:58 PM
Quite nice!
Even though it uses one texture, the important thing in this map is lighting. Different colors and contrast supply the richness and variation that in other maps are done with textures.
It kind of reminded me of my map "Floating Point" in that sense :)
There are nice jumping puzzles, some of them similar to things you can find in the first Tomb Raider. Gameplay would surely be affected by this, sometimes negatively as you would often get killed while doing some careful jump...
R_speeds are indeed very high, but these days we dont really notice. The light_spots placed under each item might be too numerous, but I remember when you told me about the difficulty to find things in my map "Guardian".
Some brushes should definately be func_walls, but this is still a very nice map.
avatar Archie says: star star star star 3rd September 2005, 05:15 AM
very very cool lighting and a smart idea using only 1 texture.

but with only one texture there is only one question... why?
avatar Rimrook says: 3rd September 2005, 13:19 PM
ok... if i release the RMF, will you guys texture it? be my guest.

Made in 2 hours just for pure enjoyment, try it sometime.
avatar Rimrook says: 6th September 2005, 09:01 AM
on another note, this isn't meant for alot of people. maybe 2 - 6 at the most. With less people, there is less chance to get fragged while going for the long-jump.

"but with only one texture there is only one question... why?"

I noticed that i try very hard to crispen up my textures so they look sharp and detailed, but they look blurry all of the time and i seem to never be satisfied with the result. However, the single texture idea frees up the tediousness of adjusting textures, making textures, making it try to look right with textures, etc. the element of that was taken out in this map, and utilized the sharp edges of the archetecture to define the detail as well as the contrasty ambient lighting. It was fun to ignore the textures and have some fun mapping for a change. it didn't feel like work and it tuned up my brushing skills in terms of design. I did notice that people don't get detailed with small brushes and edges very often, but this adds so much flare to a map in terms of detail. So many people are worried about their map looking good that the basics of design are being forgotten. I would gladly suggest everyone at TWHL to map something like this, it's a very good excercise for source and non-source mapping alike. Don't worry about the r_speeds too much either, just keep them under 2000 :p
avatar Daubster says: star star star star star 6th September 2005, 10:17 AM
And yet another feast for the eye by Rimrook....
+ Architecture.. That's what made the map look good with only 1 texture everywhere.
+ Lighting. Gold. You actually managed to make a map with one texture look good with great lighting..
+ Layout. It was ok. Lots of spots to jump on, hide in..
+ Gameplay. Great. Great wpn placement. I really enjoyed jumping on those pillars, and other stuff... great.
- Ambient sounds. Such a great map could have used some... :
In total - this map really shows, how good you are at mapping. I mean c'mon! The damn map had one texture all over and looked great!! :O
avatar Rimrook says: 6th September 2005, 10:46 AM
3 textures if you count the lights
avatar Archie says: 20th October 2005, 13:10 PM
yes release rmf! i'd like a shot at texturig this. i need a break from hostage situation mapping and cant think of anything on my own ^_^
avatar Rimrook says: 21st October 2005, 11:02 AM
Here's the source Hunter.

Have fun... you'll need it...
avatar Rimrook says: 21st October 2005, 11:06 AM
wait... damn... didn't make the change and load it.

avatar rowleybob says: star star star star star 6th November 2005, 23:28 PM
Nice, very nice.

I loved the layout, the point-based lights for each weapon was neat, and I loved the amount/placement of them.

Looks like a fun maximum carnage map. The only thing I can think of that would be missing would be sound, but I'm at a loss myself to figure what sort of sound would be good for this.

First DM map I'm rating 5 stars.

Great job Rimrook!
avatar DieH@rd says: star star star star star 5th October 2006, 07:00 AM
Great map, and cleaver use of 1 texture :)
It's a shame I cant test it with my friends. Maybe one day.

5 stars for great minimalistic design.
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