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Facility Escape

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By halo4life (See more)
28th January, 2006

531.62KB - BSP

Last edited: 28th January, 2006


It's finally out! It's didn't end the way I told you all it would. I know, theres some problems on scaling in a couple doorways, but it doesn't matter. It counts as the end of the level when all the grunts are dead and the apache is destroyed by the rocket launcher. It doesn't end automatically so I hope you don't mind. (:


avatar Rimrook says: 31st January 2006, 16:19 PM
loading down
avatar halo4life says: 31st January 2006, 18:31 PM
Do you mean that the movement is sluggish? Sorry, I'll try to fix that. Oh and by the way Rimrook, I commented on your map. Looks awesome!
avatar Rimrook says: star star star 2nd February 2006, 13:11 PM
I checked it out. I liked it! I loved the whole total carnage act at the end. It killed me twice. Good job.

Though the mapping isn't marvelous, the use of enemies and some of the triggers were well done. Good trigger work, in my opinion, can save a map from total disaster.

Creativity is a major part. Instead of placing enemies, try spawning them. Ambush the player and catch them off guard, it's a little more exciting. A good yet simple puzzle can add flare as well, like trying to reach a switch to open a security door inside a booth, but on the way back, enemies spawn then back you up into a corner. See the example?

you should be proud of your work here. :D
avatar halo4life says: 2nd February 2006, 19:38 PM
I made a new version! Yay!!! :D
but...sadly hammer had an error and won't compile it

cool new lights and triggers
avatar rowleybob says: 4th February 2006, 14:49 PM
Some neat stuff on this map. Gameplay is just hard enough to make it fun.

Neat scriptingin places--I didn't know zombies could climb! Dead guy models, extended apache explosion all pretty neat.

Your bullhorn props are nice in the final room, but either hammer has messed them up--more likely--or u did. If the former is true, try using HLfix. It works pretty good for fixing the brushwork that hammer buggers up when it compiles.

There are some recent maps in the "problem maps" section that where NinjaGrinch did some tutoring for us :) Check them out!

Mapping in general is nice enough, but I would try to eliminate some of the crates from the last are, as it's saturated with them. Nice though at least detailed them up nice and proper, which is more than most people do...

Nice Work!
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