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Xen Cryo - Compo 15

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map screenshot

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By The Mad Carrot (See more)
2nd October, 2006

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 2nd March, 2018


Just a "shortcut" to the competition page to allow people to comment on it.

Map info:
Probably my most complicated map due to massive vertex manipulation. Litteraly everything has been vertex manipulated in order to create this Xen-ish feel. It was very hard to get the transport system working the way i wanted it to work. But i got it.

Original brief:
Create a transportation system for Xen! Build the transport and points for the player to travel between using 'it'. The entry can be any kind of transport: the more original the better. The transport itself doesn't necessarily have to be a native Xen thing, and it doesn't have to be in a floating part of Xen, either.



avatar Ghull says: star star star star star 2nd October 2006, 17:26 PM
avatar srry says: 2nd October 2006, 19:24 PM
Way to raise your map count, Muzz. :P I'll download to see if it deserved it.
avatar zeeba-G says: 2nd October 2006, 21:57 PM
this was very kewl-I love the style of the map. It would be so awesome if you would extend this into a single player game!
avatar srry says: star star star star 3rd October 2006, 00:26 AM
Kind of neat, although that barrel thing you were in near the end had all these strange brush errors on it. Still, it's nice.
avatar The Mad Carrot says: 3rd October 2006, 04:38 AM
I know... i used the Alt+E technique to create that Xen-ish barrel. This will cause some vertex to go off the grid which is what you see ingame...
avatar Daubster says: star star star star star 3rd October 2006, 05:50 AM
Great map, awesome terrain, great VM work.
Definately worth a download.
avatar srry says: 3rd October 2006, 06:18 AM
What's the Alt+E technique?
avatar The Mad Carrot says: 3rd October 2006, 09:17 AM
Make a brush, go into vertex manipulation mode, select 2 or more vertices, and hit Alt+E. I don't know the real name for this technique though.
avatar Madcow says: 3rd October 2006, 09:51 AM
Looks hot from the screenshot, I'll download it and possibly review it later. :D
avatar Ansith says: star star star star star 8th October 2006, 08:21 AM
Yeah 5 from me.
avatar Exos says: star star star star star 8th October 2006, 10:02 AM
Awesome map!!
avatar The Mad Carrot says: 9th October 2006, 05:07 AM
Thanks all!

Maybe ill expand this map...

avatar rowleybob says: 22nd October 2006, 18:42 PM
Very nice, and I'm glad I played it again since the compo!

Very neat Xen architecture at the Xen part--sleek, nice brushing and textures. If you revisit this, you might try textlights for the outside area instead of a light_enviroment to achieve nicer, not-so-flat lighting, but it still looks fine. My favourite part of the Xen area is the the big voluminous room where the transport takes place.

The earth end looks superb too--is that predominant wall texture an original HL?! The only letdown for me in this again, nicely stylized area are the barrels, which though had an interesting construction, still looked kinda plain--maybe the texturing? The brush errors srry mentioned didn't bother me at all.

All in all really great, and a well-deserving 1st place, Good Work!
avatar pepper says: 8th January 2007, 18:54 PM
The ALT-E thingie is called scaling muzz ^_^
avatar computergod666 says: 17th October 2007, 14:24 PM
The Xen landscape was extremely impressive. I liked the 'dried-out swamp' near the beginning where you have to run through the canyon, and come to a depression full of xen_hairs. The first time you jump into a cocoon was also amazing. It looked like the start of a very impressive transportation system, that would definitely not be something you would find on earth. The way you have to enter the cocoon would work very well in a low-gravity environment like Xen...except that you didn't lower the gravity in this map. One other thing I noticed was about the transportation system itself: the room near the end looked too much like a warehouse, and the other cocoons and the crane to carry them only strengthened this impression. In the original Half-Life Xen levels, there are always plenty of alien slaves running around. A good Xen transportation system should be able to carry lots of aliens around. It should also be non-linear. You did a pretty good job on this, with all the hallways branching off of the one your cocoon started in. However, the cocoons can only carry one individual, and you can't really see out of them without jumping. It had too much of a "Residue Processing" feel, where you find yourself stuck in a gigantic mechanism with no ability to control it.
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