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Rube Goldberg Machine

Map Vault > Example Maps

map screenshot

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By TJB (See more)
7th February, 2008

788.95KB - RMF, MAP, BSP

Last edited: 17th August, 2008


I was bored, and had nothing better to do, so I made this.

[edit] Now there's another BSP. This one's got cameras, to view the action from better perspectives.

[edit] I've slowed the water down, and made the piano better. I also made the surrounding room better.

[edit] I made the water trough shorter, so you can see the circuit get completed when the cameras are on, and I dressed up the map a bit more.


avatar Captain Terror says: 7th February 2008, 20:51 PM
Haha! Looks great! I have to play it again or no clip so I can see all the stuff better.

You might consider an optional camera to show different view points and mabye brightening a lil bit, but really good!
avatar raver says: 17th August 2008, 20:01 PM
the wad file is missing
avatar TJB says: 17th August 2008, 20:50 PM
I've put in what I hope is the right wad file. It's possible that it's the wrong one, and the original has been deleted. If this the case, then you'll have to manually replace the textures and then compile the RMF.
avatar Daubster says: star star star star 17th November 2008, 10:36 AM
Pretty nice, I liked the slapstick-induced ending. ;>
Those domino-like falling blocks needed a bit tuning though. Turned out a bit short too.

I'd give it a 3.5, meaning 4 in the current system. Good job.
avatar ashephard says: 11th August 2010, 13:24 PM
Very nice! we have to create a rube goldberg machine for one of my major uni assignments, hopefully this gives me some inspiration!
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 1st December 2014, 13:06 PM
I just played this again going through some old maps in the vault, what fun! =P

Nice work on the update! The timing seemed very fluid and believable for pretty much everything, and the ending is a smash =P

Great fun, we should do this again some day :P
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