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By hlife_hotdog (See more)
2nd November, 2008

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 3rd April, 2009


This is my TWHL compo 26 'Make a Puzzle' entry. It comes in two flavors. The download link above is the regular HL version that was submitted to the comp. However, you can find the TRON Glow enhanced mini-mod version here:

Remember to enable detailed textures to get the full visuals!

Thanks to some kind people, a few mirrors:


avatar Skals says: star star star star star 3rd November 2008, 04:39 AM
0.O when i did your huge map i didnt see this part of it :s
it was fun tho. very well done
avatar ATDestroy says: star star star star star 3rd November 2008, 08:12 AM
Phew man, you put the gold in goldsrc, nice job!

I predict that your going to get at least, 2nd place, although I thoroughly expect you to get 1st place. :>
avatar Striker says: star star star star star 3rd November 2008, 09:33 AM
hlife_hotdog takes the first place . Bravo I like your work !
avatar Dark Tree says: star star star star star 4th November 2008, 02:19 AM
Very well done indeed, hotdog! Puts my little entry to shame! the only part I would critique is the end lava area with the chest. All very well done, except you can kinda get permanently stuck if you end up in the wrong are with the chest. I completed everything in that area, turned on the water, got the chest, and when I touched the lava, I was transported to the middle of the map, where I couldn't go anywhere. A simple noclip bypassed that part to finish the level, and other than that, I really liked the puzzles, and finding mario coins... I think I found all but 2 or three. You actually did some stuff I didn't know you could do. the disabling of the rope while you had the chest was a nice touch. Great puzzles and looked really good. Congratulations on this wonderful map!!
avatar The Mad Carrot says: 4th November 2008, 17:51 PM
When i start this mod, it loads the hazard course? Make sure your liblist.gam contains the correct information!

And wow, its looks great, but really bad performance. R-speed r over 4500 at the start location. Bad.
avatar hlife_hotdog says: 4th November 2008, 21:10 PM
Lol, i know, I tried so hard to fix it, but without completely pulling the map apart and splitting it in two there was no way (and no time left) to get it done right.
avatar Dark Tree says: 5th November 2008, 04:47 AM
No crashes for me. The laser room rocks my socks.
avatar zeeba-G says: 12th November 2008, 00:23 AM
Really awesome entry. There were tons of puzzles! And they were all pretty creative. I really liked the one where you rotated the cylinders to climb up them. My hl would crash when I would use the lazer gun on the lazer puzzle and when I would jump into the hall of light after the boulder chase but maybe it was something with my computer, im not sure. Lots of thinking obviously whent into making your puzzles! Good luck!

-Also in the maze puzzle I found out a pretty easy way to solve it. Just find the first button and after you push it you can jump onto it and over the wall to the next button and so on lol!!
avatar Dark Tree says: 12th November 2008, 17:54 PM
lol same here. I found one button, and scaled all four walls jumping from button to button, activating them.
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 25th November 2008, 18:48 PM
| Spoilers Below! |
V =============== V

this looks quite impressive and i've only been through the first level. What i've noticed so far:
+great detailing and nice architecture in general
+great use of small seperate ambients, bravo!
+Fun gameplay not too hard not too easy
+multi-faceted or staged puzzle, not just one button to find or one thing to do, but a sequence you must travail
+nice lighting
+good use of effects such as sprites, beams, etc.

i loved that the first level you have to push the pushables to float upon... it reminded me of portal in a way. also loved the geometry of the crystal globe and the design of the cliffs... All very Nice.

I'm going 5 for only playing the first level, considering the amount of work that went into it, and you have half a dozen more, it's only fitting this gets a 5-star rating imo. I'll comment on the rest wehn i've had time to play it! = )

* * * * *
avatar Rimrook says: star star star star star 5th December 2008, 21:31 PM
This is so well done! I have no clue how half of the triggers were made and the puzzles were clever, challenging, yet fun at the same time. Very very awesome and definitely deserves a solid 5 stars from me. Thank Grim for persuading me to check it out. :p
avatar Captain Terror says: 15th December 2008, 13:48 PM
K finally played the whole thing, and here is the chapter-by-chapter review:

V_spoilers below!!_V

Wow I've played most of your entry, and I'm stunned at how long and well done this is. I must admit it's a little too long for my tasted and i didn't even finish it--my only real complaint i guess, the rest of the suggestive comments will be merely minor nitpicks]. Here are comments level by level:

The first level is great, and i loved the use of pushables, and the cool entity work to make the sequences, beams, sprites, and contraptions all function together. Bravo. (also not too hard which i don't enjoy hard puzzles, nice having the hints too if you need/want it)

Some minor brushing errors on the crystals could be fixed by using hlfix. You could make the crystal globes look even cooler if you rendered some of the inside faces to give more dimension imo, but they still looked great.

The second level is really cool and is very well-mapped like the first one. Again interesting use of pushables, and the solution is not too easy or hard. Also again very nice looking map for this.

It's really hard to pick a favourite for any of the challenges that comprised your entry--any one of these single chapters could have qualified for an entry itself imo--, but this one was probably it. Not because it looked the prettiest (that would be hard to choose too), but i just loved the entity work and figuring out what you had to do was neat. I think you could have did some things to streamline the challenge a little bit, like make it easier to see what "tombstone" corresponed to what mirror, but what the heck this "chapter was great". I couldn't find the bonus coin for this one... = )

With a similar theme to the second chapter, this one was also one of my favourites. the first few stages i got through ok but the third one i couldn't figure out, and just noclipped up.

I loved your use of momentary doors on this one, particularly the rotating cylinder for the first stage. (so very creative and nicely executed) my only complaint would be to move the levers so you can activate them and see the rotating stuff at the same time. Also, couldn't find the bonus coin on this one.

A little to easy but still a neat puzzle. the first time i made it through i died jumping down the hole and thought i left out a step. the second time i just noclipped over and jumped down and lived, so maybe dying there is a slight bug? Anyway pretty cool.

This level is also very well mapped but i find mazes to be particularly not fun. Doing a maze again, i would try to add another element besides the levers like a time limit or a certain order things had to be done in. I dunno, like i said mazes not my thing, though like the rest of the chapters, everything is flawlessly mapped and executed.

7.)By the time i reached this level i didn't feel like playing any more. this level is also very nicely crafted and looks like an aztec pyrammid trapped inside a magma cave, with almost phosphorescent stuff on the walls. Becoming tired of the puzzles, i just noclipped to the top/exit. = (

8.)this was it i just looked around a bit, and exited half-life. Just didn't feel like playing anymore.

To conclude, everything is superbly done, just a bit too long imo. Bravo for an epic amount of quality work... this must have taken some time to complete and work out any bugs. This is sure to be a place winner if not the winner of the whole thing. Excellent work is excellent.
= )
avatar The Mad Carrot says: star star star star 22nd December 2008, 14:20 PM
Holy cow. I just played your map again, and damn, horrible performance. So i switch to D3D and guess what? It ran great! This opens up new possibilities: even more detail!

Anyway, i enjoyed your mod. I liked the color laser puzzle the most, great use of env_beams.

Good job.
avatar Guinea Pirate says: star star star star star 13th January 2009, 02:04 AM
Great map. I especially loved the laser room. Very well put together puzzle. I also liked the maze and the setup of rotating pipes.

+ Good brushwork and texturing
+ Challenging puzzles

- Rotary puzzles didn't let you look at them while turning the cranks
- High r_speeds
- Lava room

Overall, very well done. However, the performance was poor under openGL, so I had to switch to D3D, which ran fine. Also, the vertical rotation puzzle ended up being too frustrating, so I dropped the gravity and just jumped all the way up. The lava room was also troublesome, so I ended up bypassing most of that as well.

Still, despite the drawbacks, a job well done.
avatar Daubster says: star star star star star 7th May 2009, 03:55 AM
Oh hell, I still haven't rated this, have I? A well-earned 5*. :>
avatar Tetsu0 says: star star star star star 22nd July 2009, 16:33 PM
Tsk tsk.. all these cheaters..
I got through it the correct way, and loved every minute of it.
You deserved every star you get here!
avatar zeeba-G says: star star star star star 20th November 2010, 06:01 AM
Uh guess I forgot to rate this?
avatar 2muchvideogames says: star star star star star 9th April 2015, 23:20 PM
Exceptionally good puzzle based mod. Most of the puzzles are very original too, since I havent ever saw them in other mods I played. Except the rolling boulder one, that one is in lots of mods. But the originality of this and the easily intuitive nature of these puzzles make it really good. Hints are great too as well as the obligatory collection sidequest. 5/5 across the board!
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