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By Suparsonik (See more)
14th March, 2010

Half-Life: Deathmatch
311.24KB - MAP, BSP

Last edited: 30th November, 2010


Really old version, If you want the new version go here.

"Expect a new one coming soon!"


avatar hlife_hotdog says: star star star 14th March 2010, 23:43 PM
This isn't actually that bad at all. It has good flow and would probably play alright too. You need to increase the vis distance a bit more though. And the glass tunnels are a good idea but it feels a bit silly that the entire thing breaks when you shoot it.

Otherwise it looks pretty good. You are getting there my friend ;)
avatar Rimrook says: 14th March 2010, 23:56 PM
Heh, I told you someone would say those things. I think this is still pending an update.

Oh, it comes with a MAP file and has the attachment thing enabled down below. I may update this myself :P
avatar Rimrook says: star star star 15th March 2010, 23:14 PM

So. First thing I notice is that there are two mounds of alien dirt that run up the sides. One of the mounds is high enough to let you get to the upper level. The other is just short of it and I can't seem to jump it. I was really turned off to this little problem. Sorry I didn't notice it before.

Visuals are pretty ok for a DM map. The Xen models make this map interesting. Weapons and placements are adequate. The glass breaks too easy I think, but meh.

The carved cylinder insets aren't very clean. the vertices don't got to a common corner and the geometry get split. I explained that to you before.

Overall, I believe it belongs on the server. These small maps are a hoot with a few people.

Respectively, you earn a 3 star from me. There are several more little design calls I could point out, like glass being too thick, but hey this is really good considering your just beginning.

Nice job, you have spark kid :)
avatar TJB says: star star star 16th March 2010, 01:47 AM
I rather liked it. There were a few problems, for example, glass so thick shouldn't break so easily. And as Rimrook said, the vertices don't line up correctly. And the outside corners should probably be beveled off to match the inside.

I liked the Xen plants, it adds an unusual edge to the game when the scenery can attack you when you get too close. 3 stars from me
avatar zeeba-G says: 19th March 2010, 02:53 AM
Alright for your first completed map. Really not bad at all. Just totally lacking in ambience. The lighting was all the same in the entire map. And there were no sounds at all.

It would be really cool if you made the doors open and lead to a hall way that circled the entire map connecting all four doors. And if you made some of the areas in the water deeper and swimmable.

The map is very playable but really didn't use what gold source can handle. In such a small map the columns don't need to have only three faces. They could have eight.

Really a lot lot more could go into this map but for a simple big map it is pretty good. Also you MUST add a long_jump for it to be enjoyable dm!

Also I really think all of the textures used are extremely terrible and agitating to look at. Try using some custom textures or ones with more detail for such big surfaces.
avatar Captain Terror says: 21st March 2010, 02:12 AM
i agree with everything above, but all-in-all it is a superb first map! I totally agree there should be doors at the end of the "glass things", as well some move cover areas at ground level as well (maybe some small stock tanks or machinery of some sort?) Also, you might add a surrounding hallway around the hole think with some small enclaves or rooms, and some alternative connections/routes back to the dome, like service crawlways or vents on the sides, or even like sewer grates on the floor of the dome..

anyway, nice work!
= )
avatar Suparsonik says: 11th April 2010, 00:07 AM
Expect a new version of this map come soon!
avatar TJB says: 24th April 2014, 13:37 PM
Have you done it yet? I can't wait!
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