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By Skals (See more)
14th June, 2010

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 14th September, 2011


Update 2: Here is a new link:
Update: Now with .wad include!

Credits to Andrew Weldon for releasing awesome Nightwatch textures, and thanks
to The_(c)Striker and James Holland for help.

This is a large hl single player map with up to 20 minutes of gameplay.
I have been working on this one map for a couple of months now.

Please rate it after you've played it, have fun!

The puzzles shouldn't be too hard, just remmember: If you see an electrical
socket, there must be a pushable battery nearby. If a door doesn't open you
should probably try going another way. Sometimes you will be required to
return to previous locations you have been in. If you find yourself out of
ammo, find crates to break or hidden clips.

If you want nightwatch textures, they're here, but the map has .wad include!


avatar The Mad Carrot says: star star star star 16th June 2010, 17:10 PM
Pretty darn good.

+ Well designed puzzles
+ Good use of making the player visit and revisit previously visited area's of the map
+ Nice texturing

+- I did'nt like the massive pipes in the starting room, add some end caps to where the pipes meet the ground and maybe make them less "sharp"
+- I noticed a decrease in performance when looking around in the main area (where you have these flows of liquid)
+- I did'nt like the closed doors, the ones that never open. Add doorframes for them and don't make the frames the same width as the wall. The same goes for the doors. This way you'll add depth.

I think thats all. Good job. :)
avatar Skals says: 17th June 2010, 03:41 AM
Thanks, I don't really know how to properly make pipes. I can't find a tutorial on that. As for the doors, I don't think the nightwatch textures have frames for them, but I can try using some other texture, never been a big fan of door frames so instead I just gave them all lip. Lastly as for the decreased performance, can't do much there, the engine just doesn't like open spaces and the way I layed out the map, unfortunately that happened.
avatar Captain Terror says: 22nd June 2010, 16:10 PM
as your attorney, i would recommend wadincluding your textures to the bsp. there are a very limited number of people who will play your map, and even fewer of those will be willing to do a seperate download for textures...

make it as easy as possible for people to play your map!

that said i downloaded the textures and tried it out. from what i saw it looks pretty good! I like the little cube-shape objects you have to find and insert to the high-voltage ports. =)

map looks very carefully made and nice from what i could see, though i didn't play the whole thing.
avatar Skals says: 22nd June 2010, 17:56 PM
Thanks for the tip, I reuploaded the link with .wad include on the map. Please rate it! :>
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 23rd June 2010, 14:07 PM
i'll go a provisional 5 until i play the whole thing, but everything i've seen is done very very nicely. Agrees with muzz the huge pipes are a bit much and could use more segments, but the ones in the ceiling look really good and carefully constructed.

++fun gameplay/puzzzles
++careful/clean mapping
+++wadincluded textures +)

I'm afraid ia can't really say more until i play it again. the computer i/m on now does not have half-life, so i'll have to complete the map later.

5 for now, nice work!
= )
avatar Skals says: 23rd June 2010, 14:36 PM
Thanks captain! Hope you have fun playing the rest of it later on.
avatar Rimrook says: star star star star star 29th June 2010, 11:34 AM
Played it. For some reason, almost every pushable was getting stuck by an invisible wall of some sort. Eventually I had to cheat my way at one part. I did enjoy the ambience, lighting, puzzles, and clean mapping and level design. I did not enjoy endless spawning of headcrabs. Its better to place crabs in strategic locations than to infinitely spawn them. Or after a certain amount of time or progress, spawn some more. Overall, I did enjoy it and it brought back some (probably now forgotten) classic Half-Life survival gameplay.

Well done.
avatar Skals says: 29th June 2010, 13:10 PM
thanks rim, The invisible walls are 2 unit clip brushes on the floor. I had to do this to prevent the boxes from being pushed off ledges and into a not accessible spot. I don't know which one got stuck for you? There are three required pushables and one that can fall into the water which only leads to a magnum. I suppose I could of created the head crabs like I did for some of the other monstermakers, I didn't think of it however.
avatar Rimrook says: 1st July 2010, 09:58 AM
There was one just before a reticle that you push a crate into to open a door. The room with the waste management like pools.
avatar Captain Terror says: 11th February 2011, 03:25 AM
avatar Skals says: 14th September 2011, 09:42 AM
avatar Qwertyus says: star star star star star 14th September 2011, 14:18 PM
Great map! A bit complicated in the beginning (first puzzle) and dark most of the time, but really worth to play.

P. S. Map from updated link is not wadincluded, unfortunately. But Nightwath textures are really cool & worth to download too :)
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 14th April 2015, 06:27 AM
Simple map that is very dark throughout. Puzzles involve either a pushable battery (as mentioned above) or buttons that open doors several rooms back. And forth. Nice short map that is limited to low level weapons and monsters. There was an attempt? at horror ambience, but it wasnt really very scary. Dunno if anyone else was spooked
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