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By Dimbeak (See more)
21st June, 2012

Counter-Strike: Source
156.39KB - BSP

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My very first CSS map.

A very small map that was a side-project, takes place at a drive-thru-only small restaraunt and its parking lot.


avatar Archie says: 21st June 2012, 19:07 PM
Not a bad start to CSS mapping!

I'll just run off some mistakes I noticed. Nothing too major.

1. Prop choice - Always try to create a consistent visual theme and ensure that props aren't just random. Think about the purpose they serve. For example, why on earth is there a metal shelf with paper towels and cardboard on it in what looks like a parking bay outside? Screenshot

2. Test thoroughly - Within about 20 secs of loading up the map I noticed that this fence wasn't solid. Easily fixable. Lazy! Screenshot

3. Unbreakable props - One of the best elements of cs_office are the awesome breakable computers. Why you chose the LOD static version for this, I have no idea. You can shoot it and it won't break. Screenshot

4. Prop Collision - If you're determined to have physics props in your map, make absolutely sure they won't obstruct the player! It's infuriating to get stuck on something daft in the middle of a firefight. Small props like these MUST be flagged "debris" so that they can still be shot, but won't interfere with player movement. Screenshot

5. Invisible Walls - My worst enemy. There is never, ever, ever a good excuse for these existing. Screenshot

6. No/Fast VIS - While in a map this small it's not too important, your release version should have always undergone a full compile. Why? Because the entire map is rendered from everywhere in the map. All the models, all the brushwork - it's all being rendered even when players are looking out to the skybox. On a larger map, this would absolutely kill performance. Screenshot

Overall it's a good start. Plenty of mistakes, but you learn from those and make better maps in the future. It's too small to be able to play a proper game on, and it's annoying that a nav mesh wasn't included to play with bots. A radar image'd be nice, too.

Keep at it.
avatar Striker says: star star star star 21st June 2012, 19:17 PM
Archie ninja'd me!

I was going to say the same thing: not a bad start!
I will add that I didn't like the lighting, it seemed a bit too bland.
The pathways feel a bit too tight, and the bomb location will never be, in practice, reached by the terrorists. A truck of that size being parked in that place looks odd, don't you think? :)

You're doing well. I encourage you to step further with a bigger map.
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star 21st June 2012, 19:34 PM
Great work mate!

I love the detailing inside and out, and the 3dsky is bitchin. the only distractons for me was the lighting is a bit bright on the interiors, and the map is a bit smallish, other than that i like it!

good work sir, keep it up!
avatar Archie says: star star 21st June 2012, 20:08 PM
Rating for balance. If 5 star maps are flawless, 4 star maps are still very good and sorry, but this could have been made in an hour. It doesn't deserve 4.
avatar Striker says: 21st June 2012, 20:10 PM
Well, it was for encouraging :).
avatar Captain Terror says: 21st June 2012, 20:50 PM
Yeah agrees archie. I always rate with context in mind, even if that is probably not the best way, i.e., considering Dim is a new source mapper, and for a first map, this is just really good work.

Plus i feel a 5-star rating system is a bit lacking since 1-3 stars is horrible to rank average, so i personally feel rating a map I like < 4 stars an insult, and 5 stars to some people is the unattainable "perfect" map, which doesn't even exist.

But ya, maybe 3 stars is more like it for this map then.
avatar Instant Mix says: star 23rd June 2012, 22:09 PM
avatar DonPiano says: star star star 9th July 2012, 13:23 PM
This is a good map, Good Work.
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