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By Jessie (See more)
2nd March, 2017

Half-Life: Deathmatch
1.65MB - BSP

Last edited: 19th March, 2017


My entry (possibly with some revisions to come... maybe) for Competition 34 - Half-Life Re-imagined. Shouldn't be hard to guess which map it's a remake of.

I'm calling it done, but I may make minor changes if there's glaring bugger-ups or serious gameplay stnanks.

Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Updated to version 1.0.3.


avatar Jessie says: 2nd March 2017, 02:09 AM
Note that I've encountered some weird clipping issues in the past in unassuming locations on the terrain, where you'll just move into the floor for no reason. I've fixed the ones I've found, but let me know if you bump into any more.

Revision one will include:
- Fix the rather bad clipping issue between dam and first tent
- Add ichthyosaur, because Zeeba told me to (won't show up unless mp_allowmonsters is set to 1)
- Move blocked spawn near rock overpass
- Add a trim to glass on underwater tunnels
avatar Jessie says: 2nd March 2017, 05:27 AM
Revision one uploaded.

Revision two will include:
- Realignment of some badly stretched textures
- Re-place the other longjump module, because apparently that's not there anymore
- Fix clipping error to the right of smaller tent that causes you to fall out of the level
avatar Jessie says: 2nd March 2017, 07:56 AM
Apparently I can't delete these comments. Oh well.

Revision two uploaded. Readme now states version number (1.0.2), so check it if you're not sure you've the latest version.
avatar Trempler says: star star star star 2nd March 2017, 15:07 PM
Great job Jessie!

I really like the idea about this map.

+ Huge map with much stuff to explore
+ Cool use of the Apache :D
+ I love the underwater part with the flooded building and the glass pipes
+ Ambience is sweet, feels like a real hl1 map directly out of the sp.

- Weapon/Item Placement is awfull for DM. ( as example: corners with 5 Batterys.... never do that, 2 Batterys in a corner is good to go )
- because of the water and the high wpolys the map felt a bit laggy, maybe the engine has troubles with such big scaled water brushes, try using a normal brush with water texture, it will block vis too, or use water without waves to test if fps/ms getting better.

4/5 Stars for you :)

avatar Jessie says: 2nd March 2017, 15:19 PM
Weapon and item placement is something I'm fully willing to hear suggestions for. I can't say I have a whole lot of experience with it.
avatar Archie says: star star star star star 2nd March 2017, 19:07 PM
This is a masterpiece. I will do a more in-depth review after a proper game, but from running around earlier, this is wonderful.

I agree with Trempler's weapon/item placement issues. More numerous basic weapons + more spread out batteries would be a great starting point.

Otherwise, the only flaw I noticed was that the max viewable distance is short by around 256 units.

Also the turbine button should do something :>
avatar Oregon says: star star star star star 4th March 2017, 10:04 AM
Really enjoyed this map! Just registered to comment and say great job!
avatar zeeba-G says: 17th March 2017, 23:33 PM
I guess your reinterpretation was, hey why not make it bigger and better? Turned out pretty cool! Good luck in the competition.
avatar Archie says: 18th March 2017, 16:59 PM
After several full-server games on this, I stand by my original review and rating. It's just fantastic.
avatar Jessie says: 19th March 2017, 01:41 AM
Updated to 1.0.3.
- Fixed sprite on antenna to flash. Was set up to do so, but was never triggered.
- Upscaled rock textures in bulk of map.
- Increased Max Viewable Distance slightly, should no longer be a problem at longest distances.
- Made the "Turbine Control" button control the lights on that structure for no reason. Also renamed said button.
- Tweaked spawn and item placement.
avatar JeffMOD says: star star star star 25th March 2017, 00:51 AM
Haven't had a chance to play it with a full server yet, but a great remake of what wasn't even originally a MP map.
I especially liked the radio, it adds a bit of franticness and an opportunity for players to stop fighting each other and focus on working together.
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