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camera puzzle

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map screenshot

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By ministeve (See more)
17th February, 2004

34.55KB - BSP

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hl puzzle level. 1 thing u might notice from the screenie is that its not actually 1st person. id recommend using the arrows to turn instead of the mouse. some of the puzzles r quite hard, but dont give up!

PS: u mightve also noticed i didnt put any lights in. i tried lighing it and it just didnt look right. if it looks bad its probably because ur runnin the graphics in software (i recommend opengl)


avatar ZombieLoffe says: 17th February 2004, 17:31 PM
Good idea - poorly executed :(

The first one is too hard, i was just running around on em till I made noclip and flew over.
The 2nd one was boring - Stacking crates?
The 3rd one was lame - Walking through a maze of clips isnt really... Puzzling.
The 4th one was probably the easiest, but kinda repetetive.

To round it all of, the texturing was boring, and the camera was HORRIBLE.

Sorry. You can do better.
avatar Soup Miner says: 17th February 2004, 18:02 PM
Nice idea. is this a mod or a single player map for HL?
avatar RacerX says: 18th February 2004, 15:28 PM
puzzles are cool
avatar craash420 says: 19th February 2004, 00:11 AM
Maybe it should slide over to the "Unfinished Stuff". Normally I wouldn't even vote on it, but it does not deserve 5 stars so I have to. I'll give you an extra star for originality, but that only takes you up to 2. Keep trying...
avatar Soup Miner says: 21st February 2004, 03:08 AM
Er, this was pretty hard.
avatar davideo59 says: 22nd February 2004, 01:48 AM
Well I think that it was original, and probably took a little while to make :| - 3 stars.(Smypathetic arnt i?)
avatar ministeve says: 22nd February 2004, 17:10 PM
thing is, its not unfinished, and the reason the puzzles were a little primitve was cos the camera syle thing hadnt been attempted here (as far as i know) so it was more of a "look what i can do with half life" map.
avatar @LLmIxEdUp says: 22nd February 2004, 18:18 PM
Cool idea. Seems you have plenty of work cut out for yourself. ;)
avatar siemka321 says: 7th November 2009, 17:56 PM
ZombieLoffe the firs one is not that hard i easily in few seconds passed it
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