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Endlevel Boss

Map Vault > Unfinished Stuff

map screenshot

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By Phuture Tech (See more)
24th February, 2004

343.6KB - RMF, BSP

Last edited: 27th July, 2004


This isn't really finished. Just play it tell what you think. New ideas for armament and surfaces are welcome!


avatar Phuture Tech says: 24th February 2004, 14:12 PM
No screenshot available yet, but I thought there is nothing to viewed, except the look of the bad guy, since this is exapmle map and demonstartes not architecture. New stuff comming soon!
avatar SlayerA says: 24th February 2004, 18:59 PM
I liked it, nice idea. Very cool. I'm sure a few people will ask you how you did this without using HL-spirit. Is it possible for the player to kill the end-boss?
avatar ZombieLoffe says: 25th February 2004, 07:37 AM
YAY! I killed the tank!
Really cool setup, it really feels like the tank is moving
avatar Tlax says: 25th February 2004, 19:19 PM
This is a really nice setup and combination of entitys it's works fine and it is hard to kill.
Nice setup with to use the game_counter for the input to the kill of the top shield so the core is open for the end kill.
I understand how the tank move when the crate float a way only for a little touch, Smart idea.
avatar Andy says: 26th February 2004, 05:38 AM
Well done, I liked this map a lot. Great set up, a few problems, but since it is in the example map part of the vault... these are forgiven.
You have shown you can create good stuff, Now get out there and give us more!
avatar Soup Miner says: 27th March 2004, 16:40 PM
Dude this was awesome
avatar PTS says: 1st April 2004, 18:24 PM
Some new stuff comming out in the next few days! This time your in a helicopter, hovering round a naval destroyer. The alpha looks very cool.
avatar Anonymous says: 18th April 2004, 19:26 PM
lol im a little late trying it, but yeah that was kick ass!
avatar Qwertyus says: 8th April 2013, 20:12 PM
LOL, this map is more finished, than a lot of others. This boss just awesome and really hard to beat. 5/5 Stars!
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