Commented 2 years ago2018-03-02 02:42:56 UTC in vault item: dm_lost_base_hd (Quake/Unreal style) Comment #21294
Amazing map! So much custom stuff going on in this. The BMS version is incredible!
Commented 3 years ago2017-02-21 12:14:00 UTC in vault item: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch (XDM) Comment #18440
There is a new version of XDM available. Very cool! I think I am going to make some maps for this mod. It looks like there is a ton of cool things that can be done with the new entities. I just don't understand all of the new options available for entities... specifically multi-managers. Wish there was some instructions regarding the new entities and the additional options to existing/updated ones.
Commented 3 years ago2017-01-07 08:36:17 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Dimensions Comment #100564
This info has helped me so much!