Commented 5 months ago2020-11-18 21:31:11 UTC in wiki page: VERC: Custom Decals Comment #103051
I'm having a lot of unexpected trouble trying to edit half life's decals.wad
I was trying to translate the half life decals..
But i can't edit decals using wally..whenever i try to compile it, the game don't recognizes it
At first i tought the problem were the edited images
But then
even if i just export and recompile the original vanila decal files,the same problem happens
In the normal half life engine some decals just becomes invisible while others loses its transparency
In xash 3d all the textures loses its transparency(meaning its a big white box)
And i can't find any other apps like wally to edit wads,and wally is not working for me
I see a lot of people can edit decals no problem
Any ideas on what i am doing wrong?

Edit. Someone helped me out