Commented 3 months ago2024-01-10 08:15:28 UTC in vault item: Get to the water tower Comment #105856
Architecture — 5
Texturing — 4
Ambience — 5
Lighting — 5
Gameplay — 3

Rather empty, I feel like it needed a lot more combat scenarios. A lot of areas could have been great for Combine arenas instead of just Zombies being there. Zombie spawns could have also been better as well, they just appear in front of you and weren't much of a threat. A Fast Zombie or a Poison Zombie here and there would have had some risk to the encounters.

The progression to the water tower was great though, it did actually feel like I went through a journey and being able to see the tower from the beginning and being able to see where you began at the end was nice. I would suggest that for your next map that you focus on combat scenarios. Maybe put little spins on them as well for an extra challenge.