Competition: Chopper Challenge

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Open Date
21 years ago2002-12-10 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
21 years ago2003-02-13 23:59:59 UTC
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Judged (all engines combined)

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Design a map featuring at least one monster_ospreyz and one monster_apache. Test your fine-tuning abilities with the Osprey's movement path, and your action-balancing skills with the Apache's gun and the Osprey's grunts. You will be judged primarily on these elements, although fancy extras and clever scenery will be to your benefit. Anything to enhance the excitement will improve your chances. Find tutorials on TWHL to help you along the way, and get mapping!


TWHL's first competition went pretty well! Considering it was such a time-consuming challenge, I'm glad we got any entries at all.

Check out the winners below.
1st Place - SlayerA
Devil Mesa
The ominous sounds of the Apache and Osprey greet you right at the beginning of this map, and a couple of grunts are dropped nearby seconds after you've picked up a weapon. Making your way quickly down a narrow ledge (shooting grunts), you reach a rocket-launching cannon half-way down. Safely behind a shield, you have plenty of time to lay waste to the two craft (satisfyingly, although it can be a while before you're used to the aiming-ahead that's required).

So, what puts this map first? Well, for a start, the scenery is great. A lot of effort has gone into getting it look as natural as possible. The paths of the two craft look nicely random and smooth and the cannon is well set up and good fun (even though it wasn't a requirement).

There isn't much to complain about here. It is possible to fall completely off the map, but since it doesn't happen unless you try, I won't complain.

Overall, this is a great little mission well worthy of the first TWHL Gold Cup!
2nd Place - Andy
Unnamed entry
This one came very close! You begin in a laser testing chamber, and things go horribly wrong (in true Half-Life style!). Rushing out and up into a control tower, you get to see the Osprey swooping in to replenish the supply of grunts. Lay low and wait a short while, and a hanger in the far corner opens and (my favourite bit!) an Apache rises out! Great stuff. Both aircraft have well-tuned paths. The Osprey makes precise banks and there are no collisions.

Be careful what you do with your ammo though... this is one tough map! Apart from its difficulty, there's actually nothing wrong with it. As I said, it was a close call, and Devil Mesa edges into first place thanks mainly to its extras.