Competition: Map Something Unique

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Open Date
19 years ago2005-03-12 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
19 years ago2005-04-12 23:59:59 UTC
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Judged (all engines combined)

For this competition, you are to create something that is rarely seen in a Half-Life map. This leaves it open for you to come up with an original map.
This map could be a demonstration of a new (or rarely used) style of gameplay, or visuals. It could be an original intro map. The choice is yours.
The maps will be judged on how unique and original they are.


1st Place - Kasperg
It's very rare that a map will come along that you just want to keep on playing for more than graphical prowess: Kasperg's map is one of those maps. Combining a fantasic surreal world with a slew of jokes and sly references, Kasperg has produced a map that just begs to be played further, which would be my only critiscm ? it stops far too soon!
2nd Place - Trapt
Island Bombing
Despite the fact that Trapt has taken the stock-standard "Grunts VS Gordon" tactic, he has crafted a unique and very detailed arena for it. The island is exquisitely done with a definite sense of the tropical atmosphere which he was aiming for. Unfortunately, lag was a consistent enemy as well as the rather belated ending.
3rd Place - doodle
Once again, doodle has demonstrated his continually advancing skills in the mapping world with his "surreal story" submission, which combined some interesting mapping techniques and vistas (including a lovely cow inspired by a model he constructed in MAX) with a neat story. Well done.