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Open Date
21 years ago2003-03-08 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
21 years ago2003-03-22 23:59:59 UTC
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Working from a similar base map to the last contest, you now have a stranger task: allowing the player to get up to the platform in some interesting way. Yes, there's an elevator, and yes, with a bit of tweaking you'll be able to get it to work properly, but if you're feeling creative, try something else!

Download the base map here.


Some really creative stuff came out of this contest. It's difficult to rank the results because maps either excel in their technical set-up, or in their creative effort.

None of the entries below is a particularly 'normal' approach, but that was the idea. So as far as their ideas go, the entrants are all winners :)

Anyway, just download these maps and have a look - they're fun.

Another entry that almost made it was
Bloodlost's. Very... elevated! Good work. Oh, and NinjaGrinch's (errr, okay!) :).
1st Place - Tlax
Now here's an original idea. And a well-executed one as well. You get into the drain and across into the room behind. There's a big fork-lift truck in there, and when you try to drive it, it goes nuts and thanks to a nicely set-up sequence, breaks through the big doors. Then, of course, you can jump on it and from it onto the platform.

Everything fits into the base map like it's supposed to be there. There's even an extra door so it looks like you came from somewhere.

A great map all round, with a lot of effort put into it... well-deserving winner of this contest!
2nd Place - SlayerA
Another creative solution! Fling is a clever machine. According to its designer, it's a "device
containing Blue Toxic Bio-Goo".

Although it seems pretty simple in-game, the entities under the bonnet are carefully tuned, and sound and lighting have been put to good use. The texturing is also pretty smart.
3rd Place - LightForce
I'm still trying to figure out what this is :)

Good partly because it's so unique, but of course it's also well-executed. There are plenty of entities involved, and they would all have taken some time to get right. There's no sound, but the atmosphere is still there. Be careful how you stand on the 'elevator' if you have a weak heart.