Competition: Trapped

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20 years ago2003-07-31 00:00:00 UTC
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20 years ago2003-08-16 23:59:59 UTC
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A simple contest: make an map that involves some kind of trap. There doesn't have to be a single, physical trap - you could put the player into a sticky situation, an ambush, or whatever. Or a combination of the above. Be inventive.

The map can be as simple or elaborate as you want. It can be one room, showing off a single, impressive 'thing', or it could be an entire mini-game.


We were completely flooded with entries this time round, but judging them was easy as pie. No, I lie, but I'm sure nobody wants to hear me say it was tough. Again.

But seriously... there were a few that might well have made it into the top 3 under... different... circumstances. Tlax's entry was cool, in a very similar way to 6th monkey's, and Jobabob's tough-as-nails-but-great-looking effort was excellent, but not exactly originally his idea :)

So congratulations to those two as well. But every entry is special!
But of course our three cup-winners deserve the real fame and glory. Read on...
1st Place - Seventh-Monkey
Cause of Death
... and John_Crichton. I see a lot of time and effort in this work. The scripted bit at the beginning doesn't seem to have much to do with the saga Gordon goes through afterwards, but it's cool, and features great camerawork. And the soundtrack that accompanies it is nothing short of breathtaking. :) There are some places you don't see for long that are very nicely detailed - like the office the Gman heads to at the end of his sequence, complete with 'reflective' flooring (pictured). I suggest you noclip around the map to have a look at those areas.

I just like the range of stuff this map covers. It includes scripting, sound, sprites, various moving entities and several ways to die, all in one neat package. So it wins! Woohoo!
1st Place - John_Crichton
Cause of Death
This is a place-holder so that John_Crichton gets a trophy for his work on Cause of Death!
2nd Place - The_6th_Monkey
Net_Trap: By The_6th_Monkey
This thing's just plain cool. It's small and simple, but... cool. I couldn't help but feel a sense of achievement as the houndeye disappeared into the treetops. It's versatile too - don't step on the red button - it traps Gordons. Oh, and I liked the glowing self-advertisement as well. :)

Funny thing is, I expected to be more impressed by maps that took the term 'trap' to its limits. Yet here's a map featuring the most literal interpretation of the word... and it's just... cool. :)
3rd Place - armadillo
Ah, the train! It's difficult for me to judge objectively when a map features the Black Mesa train. dabs away a tear

But heck, I like the ambush. Oops, now I've spoilt it... the train moves nicely as it comes off the rail as well. And the last bit is winnable, which is good. You'll notice a few neat scripted sequences thrown in as well (in typical Black Mesa train-ride style :)). Great stuff.