Weird Pitch Issue in Windows Created 12 years ago2007-07-12 02:52:24 UTC by RotatorSplint RotatorSplint

Created 12 years ago2007-07-12 02:52:24 UTC by RotatorSplint RotatorSplint

Posted 12 years ago2007-07-12 02:52:24 UTC Post #228646
A couple of days ago, I began having this odd pitch issue in Windows. All the Windows sound effects (things like the warning sound when you haven't saved a document) seem to be lowered in pitch. Some sounds in Half-Life 1 are lower in pitch, too, like the health and suit chargers and the alarms. Sound comming from WMP is fine, as is the sound from all my other applications, as far as I have tested.

I can't remember what I may have done for this to happen. Any ideas?
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-12 05:30:38 UTC Post #228655
Do you have a Creative soundcard?
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Posted 12 years ago2007-07-12 05:52:05 UTC Post #228661
This happened to me a few years back. I had to run a program to reset my drivers.

If you have a Creative soundcard, check if you have such a program in the creative folder.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-12 13:45:05 UTC Post #228696
Sounds like a stupid thing, but make sure you have the right speaker configurations too.

At our school you have to change it from 2 speakers to headphones because we don't have speakers. If you don't change the config. you get pretty muche exactly the same problem.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-12 21:40:14 UTC Post #228737
I can't remember if I have a sound card or if I have integrated sound. DXDiag tells me that I have 'SoundMAX HD Audio,' which I'm not sure some wing of the Creative company. I found no Creative folder in my Program Files folder either. Also, I'm running an ASUS motherboard.

Under the Advanced options in the Volume tab for Sounds and Audio Devices Properties, the mode is set to "Desktop Stereo Speakers." I have 2 desktop speakers and 1 subwoofer, if the presence of the subwoofer makes any difference.

EDIT: I just remembered that not too long ago, a friend of mine brought his computer to my house, but never brought any speakers along. I made the mistake of taking the audio jack out of my speakers, rather than my computer, and plugging it into his PC, so my PC was sending sound to him, and his PC was sending sound to mine. I don't know if this may have damaged anything, but I don't see how something like this could cause only some sounds to mess up.
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