My 13337th Created 12 years ago2007-09-11 19:37:44 UTC by Mephs Mephs

Created 12 years ago2007-09-11 19:37:44 UTC by Mephs Mephs

Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 19:37:44 UTC Post #233914
Hello Mephs! This is your 1337th login. 9o()|) s7|_|p/-/!

I didn't even realise I was just on the cusp of this when I sought pastures new. How is everyone? And fuck no, I'm not sober! (Kidding)
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:02:51 UTC Post #233916
... okay.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:14:05 UTC Post #233917
A well thought out response. My point was that I used to hang here, decided to snoop around again and login and it just so happened to be my 1337th.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:17:30 UTC Post #233918
Mephs, where the hell have you been? You're due on child support.
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:26:00 UTC Post #233919
You really would be 1337 if you had 13337 logins, wouldn't you?
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:35:35 UTC Post #233920
id say so. considering the 3 extends the 337 sound so ya u really are 13337
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:37:19 UTC Post #233921
It was a typo in the title, he really only has 1337 logins, not 13337.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:41:16 UTC Post #233922
O hai. I upgraded your RAM.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-11 20:41:19 UTC Post #233923
guess hes jsut not good enough to be 13337
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-12 19:36:08 UTC Post #233972
Looking at the binge posting and the content, its nice to see TWHL hasn't changed at all. I want you all to know that I love you all dearly. :heart:
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-12 19:40:24 UTC Post #233973
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Luke LukeLuke
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-13 13:21:59 UTC Post #234026
Welcome back Mephs
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-15 08:54:48 UTC Post #234153
Mephs! <3
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-15 13:18:10 UTC Post #234184
Hello whoever you are!

Your avatar (and Luke's, well, face thing) suggest everybody loved you. I shall do so as well!
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-15 13:33:08 UTC Post #234188
That's fucking Mephs, dude.
And what the hell is that face? I see it everywhere.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-15 13:36:59 UTC Post #234189
Hello whoever you are!
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