Night Terror, Singleplayer map for Half-life 2 (Ep1 Engine)


I have decided to release a little alpha version of Night Terror to the Half-Life community. I had planned to release this on Saturday (today being Monday) as this would have been Halloween in America, but due to a 26.5 hour full visibility compile time and horrible timing, it?s being released two days late.

I would like to give the standard ?this map is a heavy WIP? insurance sepal to cover my ass... no just kidding. But yes this map is not finished, there are still spaces that need to be designed (this is roughly 30%-50% of ?map? if you know what I mean). All the features that I am especially excited that will make this map ?unique? are not implemented, sound design is horribly unfinished and I need to redesign some of the spaces, particular the interior spaces, and gameplay is just rough, and no, Zombies and Headcrabs will not be the only thing you fight as you venture deep inside the facility.


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Story Line:

?You have been assigned on a mission to rescue some battered civilians that fled inside the abandon Lucas Heights Northern Petroleum facility before night fall. The facility is surrounded in monster infested forest. The whole region, including the upper Hexam Highway, the Salt Pan Lake and the railway line used for freight transportation is closed and is dangerous particularly at night time.

Military supplies are tight as securing Hexam City is our first priority, if you get yourself into trouble, you won?t be getting support any time soon. Get yourself inside the facility and meet up with the civilians asap before it?s too late.

Remember, the facility has been abandon for 23 years now, we don?t know what it is like inside. Keep your eyes peeled and ready yourself for possible enemy encounters inside the facility. Good luck.?

Download Link:

Download Here :: 22mb

Aaron's Stuff Night Terror Page

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