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Created 5 years ago2015-01-31 22:15:12 UTC by Shrinker Shrinker

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I am working on a little level editor/3D modeler that is not meant to do all the stuff a full editor like Hammer/Radiant/Sledge/Trenchbroom does, but augment the level editing process a bit. I'm embracing the math of brushes (and now also curved patch meshes) and trying to build a powerful tool around it. The thing is programmable out of the box without third-party tools and supports a variety of level formats (HL1 .map, HL2 .vmf, Q3 .map). While my focus is very narrow at the moment (mostly just the bare geometry), I hope that someone who got a bit used to it can brush out their level a lot faster with it than with other editors.

Here is a video of it in use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjjB8MLjvJ4
And a video from today showing my first steps with curved patch meshes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhBy8XjdvG8

An old and a new pic (new pic showing the export to radiant):
User posted image
User posted image
At the moment, I can not offer a polished 1.0.0 release of it yet as my todo list is still very crowded... but I'm actively working on this every other day. :)
Work in progress versions can be found here.

The editor is a standard Windows application and uses OpenGL for rendering.

I'll share updates in this thread.


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Looks Really cool! :o

Maybe you and Penguinboy can trade some development secrets and improve both programs in the process :)
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 5 years ago2015-02-01 11:26:51 UTC Post #323599
Looks Really cool! :o

Maybe you and Penguinboy can trade some development secrets and improve both programs in the process :)
I agree!

I've seen Microbrush once, Shrinker (I also love your "customizable" website! :D). But I remember that it was a bit hard on working with it though (imho). But I would like to learn how to use it because it's a really interesting program, indeed. :3

Also, thank you for adding Sledge to your "Other hobbyist level editors you should know about" section! :D

Much appreciated. Keep up your great work. :)
Alberto309 Alberto309weapon_spaghetti
Posted 5 years ago2015-02-01 12:12:00 UTC Post #323600
Thank you!

Yeah, I hope I can also contribute knowledge and technology over time.
Microbrush 2 was indeed a bit difficult to play with because the UI experience had a really low priority for me back then. Things changed now. You couldn't rebind the camera keys. - You can now. There was no focus on using a UI to interact with the editor. - There is now. There was only one view. - There are now multiple loaded worlds and multiple views per world. There was no 2D view. - There is now a plethora of settings for configuring any kind of perspectivic or parallel projection imaginable. And the main toolbar got a very elaborate help system, hidden behind the [?] button - and this help system will grow into the rest of the editor too.

Microbrush 2 ended up in maintenance hell because everything was hardcoded. Microbrush 3 has very strict and clean interface borders between common editor code, game-specific code, hardcode and plugins. On the way to where I am now, I've developed a Minecraft editor based on the same foundation, but that project is now frozen indefinitely.
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New grid functionality ported over from Microbrush 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwUUPiRod-w

I think I'm ready for a new little release version soon. So much has been improved and so much was added since the last version, including that Quake 3 map support.
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The new version with Quake 3 map support is available here (Microbrush-3-wip-2015-...zip): http://shrinker.beyond-veils.de/projects/IterationX/Microbrush3/
Might have to hit F5 once because screw the browser cache mechanisms. :I
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