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Created 1 year ago2018-07-29 11:23:26 UTC by DavisWoodman DavisWoodman

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Hello guys!
My name is Davis and I am new to source engine and a fan of "Blue Shift" (never played the whole game but loved the story for some reason). I am Unreal Engine 4 hobby level designer and I heard that you can use the source engine to export the map and import it to UE4. My question is now: Where can I get the complete Blue Shift map? Which type of the source do I need? For the curious guys: I want to make a remake of the Blue Shift Game in UE4 for personal/learning purposes. Any answer is welcome! Have a nice day!
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Unlike Unreal maps which are created and loaded by the game in the same format, Source maps are in two completely different formats for editing and loading by the game. You can decompile maps into editable format but only as a reference to rebuild them at best. Besides that, Blue Shift is not Source, it is the predecessor GoldSource.
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I think tools like HammUEr work with Goldsource .map or .rmf files as well as Source's .vmf files. You'd still need to open up the game's pak files and decompile the .bsp files though.
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And that is something that's not pleasant trust me. I reconstructed once the Blue Shift map where you pass by the cafeteria inside the train and rebuild it brush by brush while making enhancements and adjustments to it.

Although I read somewhere recently that somebody wrote a new de-compiler that claims to decompile maps without producing brush issues. (Normally you get a mess when decompiling maps with 100 if not 1000 of 1 unit sized brushes. Not to mention countless brushes that didn't decompile properly at all as they were vertex manipulated.)
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