Official Developer Update #1Official Developer Update #1

REV: Q3 2018 Progress Update

"We've been rather busy in your absence, Mister Freeman."

So it's now been over 6 years since the first ever media releases for REV, and one year since the last lot of major updates were shown to the public. As of recent, the dev team has expanded, and the game is now in its Beta testing stage. While some developer progress was shared via the Official ModDB Page, a large-scale media release of actual gameplay is yet to be shown to the public.

However, I will be releasing a few screenshots over the next few weeks on the Page, so stay tuned to see some work-in-progress levels!

In other news we are currently hiring coders; a lot of coding work has to be done, especially code related to zombies, and the ability to dismember certain parts of the zombies by shooting at them.

We are also hiring mappers to create the later levels of the game. The first few levels are in their final, complete forms, but later levels are unfinished. (They are coming along really well though!)

Remember, if you want to help support the development of Resident Evil: Valiant, be sure to head over to the website to tip the dev some cash!

I hope you all have a lovely day,

iCrazyBlaze - Level designer and other random stuff