Faceposer Configuration Nightmare... Created 6 months ago2019-05-28 11:31:50 UTC by rafc1968 rafc1968

Created 6 months ago2019-05-28 11:31:50 UTC by rafc1968 rafc1968

Posted 6 months ago2019-05-28 11:31:50 UTC Post #342660
Sorry if this has been done to death but I am getting soooooo frustrated trying to get LCS VCD's to work.

So here is my issue(s).
I am using the latest SDK (2013) and am really struggling to get any sort of scene to work.
Faceposer itself is working as well as can be expected and I can view the Scene I created in the sound resource browser.
However when I run the map via the console it just says Scene 'scenes\scene_1.vcd missing' And sometimes it does not.
I have placed the relevant scene file in all the scene folders I can think of and done google to death with no success.

Is it something that can be fixed as I really want to add NPC interaction into my Maps.

Thanks In Advance
Posted 6 months ago2019-05-28 11:56:44 UTC Post #342661
You need to rebuild scenes.image before any newly created scene will appear in game. The engine does not load loose .vcd files.
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Posted 6 months ago2019-05-28 12:15:51 UTC Post #342662
Hi thanks for the response I have done that with no success.
So are you saying that my vcd will be saved into the scenes.image file which comes with HL2?

If so is their a way of viewing it?
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-29 10:43:45 UTC Post #342814
Yeah .vcd files get packed into scenes.image
No idea if there's a way to dump its contents though.
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