how to unrender! Created 1 week ago2019-06-09 04:40:32 UTC by GameDrained GameDrained

Created 1 week ago2019-06-09 04:40:32 UTC by GameDrained GameDrained

Posted 1 week ago2019-06-09 04:40:32 UTC Post #342711
I am making maps for Hal-Life mode DoD
My latest map I have a siren go off and doors close.
for the lights I'm using func_rotate for the lights going around and env_rend to turn func_rotate on.
(button opens doors one door targets siren sound, the other a spot light and multi_manager which targets env_render and func_rotate)
but when the siren stop and doors open again the func_rotate stops rotating but doesn't stop rendering.
So how do I make it invisible again.
Posted 1 week ago2019-06-09 05:27:08 UTC Post #342712
You need to trigger a second env_render that changes the render settings back to what it was before.
Posted 1 week ago2019-06-09 23:30:43 UTC Post #342718
TY for your reply.

Tried sending trigger from MM to relay to env_render with all no render flags checked.
(used relay to set delay so would trigger when everythings done.)
but I see no change.
Side note siren sound stops when done but second later starts playing again for a short time.
is there a way to stop it when I want?
Posted 1 week ago2019-06-09 23:52:54 UTC Post #342719
No, you don't want the flags checked, you want to have the properties that the second env_render copies over to be the properties that the func_rotating has before it gets triggered by the first env_render.

As for the sound, are you sure there's nothing triggering it again when it shouldn't be?
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