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Created 7 months ago2019-11-17 10:32:25 UTC by xawari xawari

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Half-Life DM GOLD player models
century megapack - best of all times
version 1.1 (1998 - 2018)
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Whenever I installed Half-Life, I was always disappointed with selection of player models it had. For years players had to search and download models from various sites and stash them somewhere on their harddrives. ad voice But not anymore! :)
This is the Half-Life model collection I promised to release some time ago. Similar to the HLDM GOLD map pack ( https://twhl.info/thread/view/19823 ) , it's a huge compilation of various player models found across the internet. As usual, bad models are filtered out, documentation is preserved, thumbnails are re-created where missing, AND: for quite a lot of models I have manually created topcolor/bottomcolor-supporting textures! Palettes were a big proble, which I solved by writing modpal - a palette sorting utility (included in XDM 3040 source code). One thing still to be done - porting models made for other mods to HL. For example, CS, TS, TFC, etc.
More info inside!
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Nice! Great job, stuff like this keeps the scene alive.
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