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Hello, i though i already made a post but doesnt seem so, so here ill present the newest mod that i tried to push the limits of RP in Half Life with

Delta City 2155 - Cyberpunk mod


Current Features: (code based on Half life vanilla)
8 maps you can go back and forth between
  • Main Town with Police Department, Cafe of the 80s, Ship Seller, various weapon and ammo Sellers, Hospital, Teleportdevice and Town/mission hall
  • Main Train System
  • Redlight Destrict
  • Zoo full of Escaped Animals
  • Reactor Room and Power Plant
  • Outside District
  • Underground Base
  • Battlefield
Enemies drop money when being killed
shop System with purchasable items
3 new plasma weapons
Mission System (just a basic text board)
IFF System to sow infos about enemies
damage counter when shooting enemies

Planned Features:
Deployable Sentries
Bounding Box System for objects
Respawn System

Screenshots can be found on the forum but ill post some interesting ones here:
Reactor RoomReactor Room
Redlight DistrictRedlight District
Main Town with ShopsMain Town with Shops
Hey.. Hey.. all i wanted was just a PepsiHey.. Hey.. all i wanted was just a Pepsi
cMain Town Neon SignscMain Town Neon Signs
Underground TrainUnderground Train
Underground BaseUnderground Base
what do we need?

Modeller: fix all Weapons to have the same hands.
Posted 2 months ago2020-09-09 08:39:42 UTC Post #344707
The mod looks very interesting. It does have that Deus Ex vibe.
Modeller: fix all Weapons to have the same hands.
I can help you with modelling, I have experience in dealing with similar tasks.
Posted 2 months ago2020-09-09 13:46:27 UTC Post #344709
nice, are you on discord? :)
Posted 2 months ago2020-09-09 14:07:15 UTC Post #344710
yep, I've sent you a message
Posted 2 months ago2020-09-09 14:48:33 UTC Post #344711
just as a note since this was a desperate search the Coder Job is a PAID Position.
Posted 2 months ago2020-09-17 20:56:21 UTC Post #344722
also ontop of Coder were looking for a very professional mapper to optimize our map1 since it has begun to lag with to many entities in visible packet list
*scientist screams STAHP**scientist screams STAHP*
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-11-05 23:01:50 UTC Post #344825
Hello Ladies and Gentlewoman

id though id post the 6th Devblog here

theres a good list of changes seen in that devblog for example

HUGE max mapsize Battlefield map
  • Deployable Sentrys
  • Respawen System
  • Working Shop System
  • Plasma Based Weapon Fights (bugged and prevents the game from running currently as it overloads everything)
what do we currently need?
  • <<<PAID>>> Coder
we had 3 coders so far and need a 4th Experienced with Goldsource to finish the last bit of bugs and code bits
  • Modeller
as easy as 2 of our models have wierd bugs that needs to be fixed
  • Mapper
professional mapper to work on some stuff and maps and fi 2 maps lagging because of the enormous size.

Posted 3 weeks ago2020-11-06 01:25:24 UTC Post #344826
You might want to post information about what kind of pay someone can expect. I'm not looking for freelance work, but if I was, it would be important for me to know that I could get decently paid before I would even consider work from an individual on the Internet. Programmers with a little bit of professional experience and a Linkedin profile get messages from so many recruiters they don't even bother to read everything or to reply "sorry, no". I understand that for a project like this the joy of being part of this creative project and the love for the game are valuable rewards, but if money is part of the incentive, it's good to have at least a rough estimate. I wish you luck
Oskar Potatis Oskar PotatisIt's never too late to give up. Happily lazy
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-11-06 09:06:07 UTC Post #344827
ah sorry i must have forgot that part its arouns ~50-100$ depending how much work it is.
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