Response Context not working for Citizens Created 4 months ago2021-01-19 09:35:17 UTC by Wirmaple73 Wirmaple73

Created 4 months ago2021-01-19 09:35:17 UTC by Wirmaple73 Wirmaple73

Posted 4 months ago2021-01-19 09:35:17 UTC Post #345249
Hi guys, I'm new to this Forum.

So I read from Valve Developer website that "Response Contexts" make the NPCs (Citizens, vorts etc.) react to the Player actions (Say something on Use key on NPCs, throwing phys props at them etc) like the d1_trainstation_02 map from HL2 which the Citizens respond to player actions. So I decided to put 'em in my map.

I set up "plaza_citizen:1" as Response Context of a npc_citizen,
I also typed plaza_citizen:1 as Response Context of worldspawn, but it doesn't work.. the Citizen doesn't react/talk when I interact with him. (Use him, throw phys prop at him, etc)

He doesn't even React to player, unlike the d1_trainstation_02 map which the citizens react to Player actions.
I also added a ai_speechfilter and added the plaza_citizen:1 context in it, STILL THE CITIZEN DOESN'T REACT AND SAYS THE DEFAULT LINES.

(I don't mean logic_choreo_scene, I mean the one in d1_trainstation_02 when Player interacts with citizens and they say something and react: it's Response Context.)

What am I doing wrong? any solutions?
Any help would be Appreciated :)

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Posted 4 months ago2021-01-20 17:40:48 UTC Post #345259
is this forum dead like Interlopers? I didn't get an Answer from Interlopers for some Months.
Dead forum?
Posted 4 months ago2021-01-20 19:06:12 UTC Post #345260
People tend to be more active on the Discord than the forums nowaday. Maybe try asking there?
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeSource good.
Posted 4 months ago2021-01-20 21:45:08 UTC Post #345261
I'd suggest reading the VDC article on this:

It's incomplete but it should get you started at least.

Based on your description i think you're missing the scripts used to actually implement the responses. I've never used it myself so i don't know how it works exactly.
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