Map freezing Created 3 weeks ago2021-04-22 17:04:05 UTC by HolzstockG HolzstockG

Created 3 weeks ago2021-04-22 17:04:05 UTC by HolzstockG HolzstockG

Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-22 17:04:05 UTC Post #345555
Already Solved

as you can see after downloading my map, launching it, when you respawn you will have very to little FPS. The area that causes that problem is Zombolab section you have behind left door. After surviving da freezes and aftercoming left doors you probably will have no freezes and map will work normally.

So there is some problem with optimization. Map size is 3699 width, 3675 length, 1256 height.

I want to add more chambers in Zombolab, exactly 4 more and add some zombie models inside yet now it is complete disaster to even do it due to the freezes.

So generally speaking, I want to know how to erase these freezes in that section. Also there is a problem that sometimes after compilation of the map glass model applied to chamber model isn't showing chrome reflections correctly and it looks off. Glad to see fix for these.

Looking forward for help from you.
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-23 18:40:56 UTC Post #345556
Give some screenshots from hammer editor it will probably show the problem much faster.
Stojke StojkeUnReal
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-23 19:09:40 UTC Post #345557
Problem is already solved.
This thread can be closed
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-23 19:15:45 UTC Post #345558
What was the cause of the problem and what was the solution to said problem?
Stojke StojkeUnReal
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-24 10:44:39 UTC Post #345559
I have changed scale of Barney's model from 1.0 to lower in .qc file which was supposed to be lying in the entrance area to whole research complex (where you have this semi-circular table with office chair) . Since then when I took I believe 36th animation sequence which is lying on a floor the game couldn't render the model and it was causing massive lag. I used for that cycler_sprite. It works with standing animation but gets fucked up when you use lying animation for some reason. So I just deleted it and map went back to full alive mode without any FPS drops.
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-24 20:54:19 UTC Post #345560
Oh snap. Nice, good detailed info that will defintely help someone in time. Thank you. Good looking map btw :)
Map on brother.
Stojke StojkeUnReal
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-04-25 15:42:48 UTC Post #345561
You're welcome. I know, it is beautiful. More maps like that have to be made. Gonna release it finally. Got to do some more tweaks here and there

Most zombie plague maps are shit made in 5 minutes which gives me butt hurt. Of course everybody has different brain, different skillset but that's not the problem. I think people just want to make something big and they give up after several hours and then end up with some cuboid shape like map with incorrect in size camps and not thought put into it etc.

As an example: zm_hitler. This map is an example how not to do a map. Some rectangle, here and there nonsensical camps and wrongly placed lighting and voila. Yet owners of ZP servers are downloading something like that... it is beyond my comprehension haha
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-04-28 21:10:01 UTC Post #345574
Isnt beauty is in the eye of the observer? You can always find something to enjoy no matter which map is it :)
Radiant ReiRadiant Rei
Some people simply go first for functionality over aesthetics.
Stojke StojkeUnReal
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