How hard is it to modify the Source source code? Created 3 months ago2021-07-02 18:12:33 UTC by CPripyatUit CPripyatUit

Created 3 months ago2021-07-02 18:12:33 UTC by CPripyatUit CPripyatUit

Posted 3 months ago2021-07-02 18:12:33 UTC Post #345717
I have an idea for a small mod I would like to try creating at some point. The concept could be implemented as a content-only mod, but with limitations. As far as I'm aware, the Source source code is available somewhere, and can be modified. I've done the occasional small project in C#, but I'm by no means a full-time coder, so my question is this:

Can a mod (I understand Source Base 2013 is usually used for such purposes?) be created from modified Source 'just like that', or does it require licensing from Valve? (Assuming you'd still need HL2/EP2/S2013 to run it)

Is adding one entity, a keybind, and a HUD overlay something that'll take a lot of effort or something that is manageable with some pre-existing programming skills and a lot of googling?

Cheers and thanks for any and all advice <3
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Posted 3 months ago2021-07-02 18:38:19 UTC Post #345718
Yep, it can in fact be done 'just like that'!

Adding an entity, a keybind, and a HUD overlay should be fairly manageable for someone with pre-existing skills. There are a few things you'll probably want to read up on to understand specifically how the engine handles stuff, and there are some...questionable decisions in the codebase, but Valve has the latest version of the Client and Server DLL files' source code up on github. You generally don't need a licensing deal from Valve to make mods, unless you specifically plan to sell it commercially or need to make sweeping changes to the engine itself.
Posted 3 months ago2021-07-02 19:58:53 UTC Post #345719
No major modifications, what I have in mind is basically stock EP2 with an extra entity and associated HUD stuff. I've tried a vanilla EP2 solution, but it's limited by working with the entities available.

Thanks, I'll look at what I have to read and see if I can manage!
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