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Hello, I'm having a strange issue with my Goldsrc mod. Whenever I transition between two certain levels, it crashes with this error.
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I looked up the error on the wiki, but it stated that this error should refer to a model or sprite that has had its path written incorrectly, but it does not. All the other level transitions in my mod are working and both maps function fine when launched with the "map" console command, this only happens when transitioning from one to the other. I have no idea what's causing this, the transition was working fine earlier today and now the crash is unavoidable. I even verified HL's game files.

Anyone have any experience solving this?
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-20 17:18:05 UTC Post #346892
Hi! Are you using custom DLLs? If so, try without them. If that doesn't help, start removing every object from your maps until you have only the spawn points, level transitions, and simple rooms. That should narrow down the cause of the problem
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-21 05:52:12 UTC Post #346894
Found the issue! I was using a game_zone_player that the transitions elevator button activates to avoid an exploit where the elevator button can be pushed from the outside, breaking the sequence. For some reason this entity was causing the crash after it was activated during a level transition. To prevent the crash I just had to add a trigger_relay that kills the game_zone_player after it's done its job.

Luckily this transition is only one-way or this would be a real hassle.
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