as we all know, in both games portals can only be placed on basalt surfaces. but... using the classic sv_chetas 1, we become able with a command, to place portals anywhere. so, since i play portal on nintendo switch i cannot access the command tab (i don't wanna download stuff to my switch) besides there's no information in how to activate cheats in nintendo switch, SO I'm asking for some testing in some surfaces: (both games portal gun)
inside a pool (water physics test)
toxic goo (HL2 style)
toxic goo (Portal 2 style)
NPC's or players
glass surfaces or transparent.
in the transparent surfaces or just a non collision transparent part, the back part of a portal, how does it looks??? and how does it behave when you enter it from behind? that's what i ask since i've seen no information of someone doing it
I also ask about gels in water and toxic goo's