Mappers/Modelers needed for Half Life Mod "Mr B's Big Adventure" Created 7 months ago2023-11-07 15:47:28 UTC by CamCurtis CamCurtis

Created 7 months ago2023-11-07 15:47:28 UTC by CamCurtis CamCurtis

Posted 7 months ago2023-11-07 15:47:28 UTC Post #347999
Hi there, I've been developing a mod for a little over two and a half years now. It has a lot of work to be done in order to take it to the quality I need.

Here is the ModDB page:

It's a mixture of comedy, horror and adventure. There's time travel, dinosaurs, rogue ai, an economy system, driving sections, treasure hunting and much more. Currently it's very long, unpolished and in need of a fresh point of view. In 2021, I had no idea how to map or how to do anything like this so I've had to learn on the job. I only learnt how to implement my own models this year, so that should give an idea of where we're at. Now obviously people want something for their time. If you message me on here I'm sure we can work something out, I am not a rich man but I am willing to pay depending on the situation. This mod is a passion project for me and I would hate for it to be cancelled because of time constraints, right now it is playable all the way through but I say that very lightly. The maps are a mess and for what the project has turned into I simply don't have the time to fix it alone. I already have a programmer helping me with the game and he's helped keep it a float for a while now, I just sent him a build of what I have so far. All the custom content is pretty much coded in so now it's a case of modelling stuff and polishing the maps and trimming the fat. If you're interested please message me. I am eyeing 2025 to be the release date. I'm incredibly passionate about this mod and this community has helped me change my life! So thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! - Cam Curtis
Posted 6 months ago2023-11-20 20:40:15 UTC Post #348071
Interesting offer, do you have discord?
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