Half-Life 1 Mod: Default Binding Problems Created 1 month ago2024-01-19 13:19:39 UTC by sneky sneky

Created 1 month ago2024-01-19 13:19:39 UTC by sneky sneky

Posted 1 month ago2024-01-19 13:19:39 UTC Post #348484
I'm having a small issue, I've changed my hl1 mod's default bindings in the modname/gfx folder and have changed the default.cfg, but even after wiping all of the temporary files (like config and voiceban) with XBLAH's modding tool, the bindings when it's first booted are different. Pressing the button to set them to default works perfectly, too.
Posted 1 month ago2024-01-20 17:20:25 UTC Post #348487
The engine will load config.cfg by searching through path IDs in this order:
  • GAME
  • nullptr (all path IDs are checked)
This means that if your mod directory does not contain a config.cfg file it will load one from another location, usually the one in Half-Life/valve. The engine does not use default.cfg (there is a commented out line in valve.rc that does) but you can try executing a config file that sets defaults in the client dll's Initialize function. Note that config.cfg will override any keybinds you've set.

Unfortunately there is no simple mechanism for defaulting keybinds in a sensible manner.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-02-07 18:38:45 UTC Post #348567
So there has to be a config file already in the game to do that?
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