Uneven lighting in my map. Created 3 weeks ago2024-01-28 17:45:22 UTC by Glez Glez

Created 3 weeks ago2024-01-28 17:45:22 UTC by Glez Glez

Posted 3 weeks ago2024-01-28 17:45:22 UTC Post #348498
Hi everyone,

I'm having this weird lighting bug where flat brush faces are being lit differently under the same light_environment. By playing around with Hammer++'s texture UV settings I've found out that faces are lit evenly if their UV coordinates are all kept the same. However, I'm not interested in having the same UVs for every face, as I want to have rotated textures. Additionally, if I set mat_bumpmap in Garry's Mod's console to 0, the issue is resolved, but then my map looks bleached. Here's a picture of the issue in case my explanation sucks:
User posted image
Any help is much appreciated.

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Posted 3 weeks ago2024-01-29 14:44:05 UTC Post #348499
Is this compiled with Fast RAD or fast VIS?
The lightmap resolution also looks extremely low, but that might just be because i haven't looked at Source 2006 assets for a while
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 3 weeks ago2024-01-29 18:40:44 UTC Post #348500
The issue persists with both normal and fast VIS/RAD, even with the -final parameter activated. In the image the lightmap looks blurry because I compiled the map with fast RAD.
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