What was this mod? Created 1 month ago2024-06-07 00:52:39 UTC by layla94 layla94

Created 1 month ago2024-06-07 00:52:39 UTC by layla94 layla94

Posted 1 month ago2024-06-07 00:52:39 UTC Post #348856
back in the day, I used to play a half-life mod that included the ability to summon xen creatures like gargantua, headcrab etc. using snarks in multiplayer. The mod also featured modified weapons which also included a camera controlled nuclear RPG. Does anyone know of such mod? thanks a ton in advance.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-10 09:12:02 UTC Post #348858
I think the mod might be Paranoia. It featured unique weapons, including a powerful cannon, and allowed players to summon creatures.
But as you described I found it interesting. I am also going to try this, at least once.
Posted 3 weeks ago2024-06-17 23:22:32 UTC Post #348889
@Senju Thanks for the response, mate. Unfortunately that's not the mod. The one I talked about had the same weapons of vanilla Half Life but with modified features (1st person guided RPG, Snarks that that allow you to summon different xen creatures by pressing F, crossbow with multiple ammunition such as poison, expplosive, 3 arrows etc.)
Posted 3 weeks ago2024-06-18 00:39:35 UTC Post #348890
Any other things you remember? (a specific map, another gameplay mechanic, lore, etc)
Posted 3 weeks ago2024-06-18 21:28:43 UTC Post #348895
I think the mod you are describing might be Scientist Slaughterhouse

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