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Created 16 years ago2003-10-05 07:27:57 UTC by kol kol

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:P Ah, a nice clean Spam free board, (we'll soon fix that :badass: )

First topic:
What motivates you to make a map???

Do you look at textures and imagine possible scenarios?
Look at old photographs...
Or walk around the town/city looking at architecture...
Or maybe listen to some music?

Post your opinion and share the creativity...
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 08:26:03 UTC Post #2205
I get ideas from movies, buildings (that exists in reality) and other maps. :)
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 09:16:22 UTC Post #2207
i got ideas form everything what happens on the moment around me, i woekd up once in the middle of the night and i got a great idea the day after istarted with the idea :D
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 09:23:43 UTC Post #2208
hmmmm, a psychiatrist would find that fascinating pepper...

Sometimes ideas or rather architecture comes to me in dreams : strange... an example would be the sewers in Subzone > worked out very well I must say
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 13:25:02 UTC Post #2213
I get my ideas from other games, I just kind of use the general idea, but I don't copy it completely. :nuts:
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 14:06:57 UTC Post #2214
ummm....other peoples maps, off the top of my head, or at skool when im suppesed to be lerning. :cool:
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 14:22:49 UTC Post #2216
It just snaps for me.

Out of nowhere and then as I go along, it further develops
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-05 15:55:03 UTC Post #2218
Other FPS games, usually mission ones like timesplitters 2 and perfect dark. Also, sometimes, other maps, but I never copy them exactly. And also, films, especially James Bond ones.
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-06 05:22:26 UTC Post #2239
For me it always starts with a little map. Just something to show my friends about some functions. Then it grows and grows, gets remade until it's HUGE!!! You should have seen my duke3d maps.
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-06 07:35:31 UTC Post #2241
I just think of an idea and do it . Before making it look around for pics of it to make it as realistic as possible... Once i start i just can stop :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
Cpl.1nsane Cpl.1nsaneOld Lurker
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-06 11:14:34 UTC Post #2244
i use the original hl and oter mods. the noclip really gives an idea of how it all works
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-06 17:26:09 UTC Post #2261
Well, I get the inspiration from riding my bike and thinking "It would be great if in Half Life..."... Before "Half Life" was "Doom Legacy" and before it "Unreal tournament" and before it "Duke Nukem 3d" and before it... "Doom"... I only accomplished something in Doom anyway.
The thing is that I come up with ideas whenever I?m doing something which doesn?t require my attention!!!.
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