how do i make weapons? Created 16 years ago2003-11-06 18:58:29 UTC by rexgregori rexgregori

Created 16 years ago2003-11-06 18:58:29 UTC by rexgregori rexgregori

Posted 16 years ago2003-11-06 18:58:29 UTC Post #4138
how in god's name does a man make a frickin' weapon?

i have models and i have...... models, but how do i make weapons from scratch (other than models)?

thank you so very much

PS i'm slightly stupid so please be very detailed in your reply. Much thanks.
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-06 19:27:45 UTC Post #4141
Slightly lookalike mail :P...
To make a new weapon you must code it... Refer to the other post you did. You can change the model and skin for your weapon but if you set the Glock to a Mega-Great-God-Laser skin and model it will still behave like... a Glock.
It?s hard to do. Maybe you can ask someone to do it for you or if you know C I can ask you to do it for me :P.
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-06 20:44:22 UTC Post #4147
Read - The - SDK
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-07 14:29:23 UTC Post #4185
You're going to have to recompile the dlls, After rewiting the cpps, well... HAVE FUN!!! :cool:
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-07 18:28:22 UTC Post #4201
then download some Linux ISO's!

Creating your own weapons is hardly a trivial task..
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-08 07:53:16 UTC Post #4233
actually, it is - ever tried it? ;)
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-08 09:52:22 UTC Post #4249
sounds a bit like the other post.
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-08 19:11:27 UTC Post #4283
Making a new weapon in HL is more difficult than it sounds.
1. HL models needs to be simple. Otherwise the engine can't handle them.
2. They need to fit exactly into the holders hands.
3. They must be coded properly. Think of a gun where the bullets come out 3 inches above the chassi. ;)
4. It's time consuming to make a good model.
5. You need two models for each weapon. One for the world which will be seen from other players and one which the player will hold in 3D.

And there's more, but I don't want to spoil your gun-making.

Don't give up. :roll:
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-08 20:30:21 UTC Post #4294
true. looking at some models on hlmv i found a gun with two arms cut off just before the elbow holding it. that models gotta follow u around and look damned realistic.
Posted 16 years ago2003-12-21 00:08:35 UTC Post #8669
from what i know from milkshape... there is a pre made model attached to every V_(gunname) model you should just have to make a gun.mdl for when its sitting on the ground and in some one elses hands and when your looking at it from your view. nut for the yuor view thing you can take the pre made model and make some sequence .smd and ad it to your gun model. if that makes any sense good, if not sorry i would explain it if i had time + i dont have all the facts. :confused:
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