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Control_Room by Reigy Squirrel
Posted 16 years ago2004-08-19 14:16:00 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Reigy Squirrel Reigy Squirrel
16 years ago2004-08-19 14:16:00 UTC
16 years ago2004-08-19 14:16:00 UTC

Addictive,and fun, this map will make you play for a long time (if you have GOD MODE on) So if you die early in the game, I advice you to save at second you start the game. The weapon ammos are very limited (excluding machine gun ammo and handgun ammo, the monsters that die will leave tons of ammo) in this map. So if you can, put IMPULSE 101 and GOD MODE.

The Control_Room was made for a purpose: entertainment, you can either watch the battle or join the battle.

You start in the middle of the arena. Feel free to look around. Once you find your way to the control room, press a button (heck, all of them)

-look out the control room and see a very big battle.
-or go in the observation room and check out the battle yourself in the closest view as possible.

This is my second map, and I strongly need feedback, the RMF is included so you can help me, if you like, make this map better.
Thank You in advance. =P



Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 14:24:09 UTC Comment #3448
lol! cool map! Damn! 4 stars! Maybe a bit better texturing next time ? :D
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 14:25:33 UTC Comment #3449
damnit. what i meant was: INCLUDE THE TEXTURES U DUMMY!
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 15:39:18 UTC Comment #3451
was this the map in your journal that you said
"Time to submit my all powerfull"
i'll download and give proscons. looks good from screenshot. :)
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 15:54:13 UTC Comment #3452
hheeeehhe this is sweet.
very nice.
+Layout was planned very well
+They actually come out of the tube thing. cool.
+Choices, observation, or get in on the battle.
+Architecture was pretty good.
+Elevators,Ladders and stairs
Barely any, or maybe none. :) maybe i have to run again to see them.
Verry good.
and this is your second map posted!!
you should submit this for the glass!
competition. Very nice

4 1/2 stars. :)
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 16:05:18 UTC Comment #3453
UMmm This is exactly like a sven co-op map, can't remember the name though.
But you have just copied a sven co-op map.Unless you are the creator of the sven co-op map, shame on you.
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 18:10:50 UTC Comment #3455
Yes! I remeber one too! Shame on you!

/me throws a bucket of shame on mr.squirrel
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-19 18:12:20 UTC Comment #3456
shame on me... Huh? Tell me the map name of the sven-coop thing. Im gonna check it out.
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-20 09:16:11 UTC Comment #3466
can't remember the name though.
I can't remember the name.
Remember the name is what i cannot do.
Can i phrase it anymore?
well im not gonna.
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-20 11:42:46 UTC Comment #3470
lol. plz. It says i need a texture pack!
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-20 15:08:30 UTC Comment #3474
maby sc_arena
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-20 18:07:46 UTC Comment #3476
Says I need a wad. Can you include it and re-upload?
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-20 18:20:54 UTC Comment #3477
Forget the wad, I recomplied. It's a 5!
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-20 18:46:59 UTC Comment #3478
wow.. I got a five. tnx BJ.

Anyways, I dont know whats wrong with the texturing but if you guys find it out which wall has a unknown texture just replace that texture with one of yours to solve de problem.
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-28 20:28:41 UTC Comment #3673
The sven map is stadium3 I think. Ill take a look and this map and rate.
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-29 10:03:34 UTC Comment #3679
it was stadium3.
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-31 19:11:23 UTC Comment #3724
cool then
Commented 16 years ago2004-08-31 19:14:41 UTC Comment #3725
FUWK NOW I ACCENDENTLY PRESS ON "RATE IT" instead of pressing "submit" when i typed a comment.. now my everlasting 5 is now 4... WHY!!
Commented 16 years ago2004-09-11 20:12:18 UTC Comment #3900
VERY NICE! It is awsome compared to what I attemted (almost the exact same thing...).
Commented 4 years ago2016-09-14 23:49:43 UTC Comment #14496
its like stadium3 but simpler and limited to 4 monster types

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