Museum Lockdown

Half-Life HL
Museum Lockdown by satchmo
Posted 19 years ago2004-10-22 01:37:54 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Museum Lockdown
satchmo satchmo
19 years ago2004-10-22 01:37:54 UTC
19 years ago2004-10-25 00:18:18 UTC
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This is a single-player map. The strategically positioned grunts will make you fight for your life, but there is some puzzle-solving involved. So if it's not your style of gameplay, don't accept the mission.

The scenario is that you are trapped inside a museum in Paris after all the artworks have been stolen. The armed guards are convinced that you are among the theives. The security system of the museum has been activated.

Your mission is to deactivate the security system and find an exit. For a new player with a quick wit, this mission should take about fifteen minutes to finish.


Commented 19 years ago2004-10-22 04:28:30 UTC Comment #4696
I'll take it for a play tomorrow, I've gotta get to bed.

Looks excellent from the screenshot, a great improvement from the original, from what I can tell. Further comments to follow.
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-22 08:16:28 UTC Comment #4698
I am much indebted to Captain P for his generous contribution of ideas and mapping tips. Without his help, this map would be in much poorer quality.
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-22 12:50:30 UTC Comment #4700
You've reached the end when you exit the musuem, and then everything fades to black.

It's not too long. When I played it, it usually takes me less than five minutes to complete. But of course, I know all the secrets and locations of the grunts.

I would estimate that it should take less than fifteen minutes to go through for a new player.
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-22 16:38:21 UTC Comment #4702
+ some nice architecture
+ fun gameplay
+ good use of puzzles :)
+ nice hint with the grunt and the red light
- too short (was fun while it lasted though)
- no victory music at the end :)
- could use more detail imo

good job
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-22 22:07:08 UTC Comment #4706
lol u should only put real -'s because when I fist saw that it made it look like a bad map.
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-22 22:35:45 UTC Comment #4707
Some very nice architecture indeed! If it would have been too much bigger the rspeeds would have probably killed it lol.It was great, I thought it was very nicely detailed, but come have some more "museum" touches.
OK, this is going to sound really stupid, but I went around in those 3 rooms forever (start, main, and under the bar things) and couldn't find the exit/fadeout. I even noclipped to find it (to prove how much of an idiot I was) and still didn't find it. Make these things more ovbious!
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-23 10:23:54 UTC Comment #4708
I must say I loved this map - pure fun.

Pros 'n cons:
+ VG architecture, quite surprisingly
+ Grunt action at its BEST!
+ Monster placement
+ Some puzzling envolved (not much though)

- Confusing puzzles - Ie, you hear Beedonk, but you have no idea what that button just did :
- Texturing - it's quite ugly and can be improved in most of the places.
- just a little too short

A strong 4/5 asterisks for you sir! Keep it up!
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-24 05:13:26 UTC Comment #4710
Was very fun. Not-at-all-bad architecture on the whole but some dodgy bits. Tht texturing and lighting were a little crude (did you run rad with a very high -chop value?) though.

Not that puzzl-y in my opinion, but four for the fun :)
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-24 22:08:46 UTC Comment #4722
I am back from my weekend vacation. I've read your comments, and I modified the gameplay slightly according to your suggestions.

There is a hint to the location of the exit now. And there is a kick at the end that was lacking before.

Hope you like the new version.
Commented 19 years ago2004-10-25 00:42:32 UTC Comment #4723
I like :)

It's challenging at parts, but for the most part, fun. I love the little harder-to-find areas with batteries and stuff in them, and like the new texturing and lighting.
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-09 16:23:16 UTC Comment #5008
too short..BUT awesome architecture
Commented 18 years ago2005-04-18 01:15:48 UTC Comment #6814
+Beautiful, very distinctive architecture
-little things missing mirrors in bathroom, other little nit-picky stuff.

Overall, Amazing...
Commented 18 years ago2005-08-18 16:23:49 UTC Comment #8621
rofl, i kept looking at a nice bit of architecture instead of watching what that darned grunt was doing and dying :P
Commented 18 years ago2005-08-18 18:44:36 UTC Comment #8624
Grab the gun and shoot the grunt first. You'll have plenty of time to browse the architecture later when they're all dead.
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-23 22:45:32 UTC Comment #9957
I liked it!

So... All the artwork is stolen so you don't have to map it?
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-25 19:47:25 UTC Comment #9976
Yeah, isn't that so convenient.

I spent quite a bit of time coming up with interesting architecture already. I can't be an artist/sculpture also. Nevertheless, I thought those modern sculptures in the back rooms are quite pretty.
Commented 14 years ago2009-03-27 18:42:00 UTC Comment #17379
I remember playing this before I made my account. It was really good for a first release, the architecure was good, the grunts were challenging... I had a bit of trouble finishing it, but still... 4/5.
(I doubt you'll edit the map ever again, but thought I'd put my 2 cents in)
Commented 14 years ago2009-03-30 00:00:49 UTC Comment #17381
Thanks! It's good to know that people are still playing these old maps.
Commented 11 years ago2012-09-07 20:59:06 UTC Comment #20099
I think I had seen this map a few times but had never played it, so I did today.
I liked it, although that first grunt was a bit tricky.
I'm not much of a reviewer so I will leave it at that.
Commented 11 years ago2012-09-08 03:12:14 UTC Comment #20100
Wow, a real blast from the past.

I made this map before I was married.

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