Warehouse Firefight

Half-Life HL
Warehouse Firefight by RacerX
Posted 19 years ago2004-11-01 18:59:16 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Warehouse Firefight
RacerX RacerX
19 years ago2004-11-01 18:59:16 UTC
19 years ago2004-11-01 18:59:16 UTC
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I mostly mapped for TFC and this is my first try at a HL map. Im stll learning the Half-Life entities so cut me some slack ;). If I finish this project this map will be part of the first of 2 or 3 maps in the story. The begining and the end of the map are not exactly how they will be if I finish it.

--The Story--
You are a Gordan Freeman type dood who was left for dead with Barney in a locked room of a warehouse. The warehouse is really just a cover for a Top-Secret splinter government research facility in London that is working on experimental weapons. They tried to kill you because you stumbled onto their secret plans at making a weapon 10,000 times more powerful than a nuclear warhead. You must fight your way through the warehouse complex into the underground Secret Labs to get evidence so you can tell the world about this weapon and head off another arms race. Once you get to the labs you find out that one of their experiments has gone haywire and has opened a rift into our dimension from an alien world. Aliens are pooring into the underground facility and are getting ready to begin an all out invasion of earth. You must fight your way through the aliens and make your way to the few remaining scientists and get them to help you set off one of the smaller doomsday weapons. The explosion in the heart of the lab deep beneath london should destroy all the aliens and close off the rift.

So far I finished most of the warehouse level. You can make your way all the way to the room that will end up being the gateway to the underground labs level. I need to sort out the entities a little still but the architexture is pretty much done.

--Hint-- You need to find a way out of the first building and out the gate to get into the second building :). Dont tell after you figure it out I want to see if it's too easy or too hard.

So please look it over and let me know if I should finish it or whatnot since I been working on other stuff lately. Since its my firt try at Half-Life I would like to get a lot of input about it.

Enjoy, Thanks :)


Commented 19 years ago2004-11-01 20:20:57 UTC Comment #4880
It's not bad, you have a good eye for detail, like the entry gate, and the computers.

However, gameplay was ok, though your path out of the building didn't work for me and I had to noclip. Maybe make it so you have to go out the window instead?
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-01 20:48:38 UTC Comment #4881
Thanks for the good review and score. I need to get my scripts working better to improve gameplay I think. And I have more entities to add still. How did you try to get out of computer room in warehouse?
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-02 03:10:16 UTC Comment #4886
Very enjoyable map to play. Well done.

4.5 stars. (I'll rate it 5 once and 4 once, so it's 9/10)
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-02 17:56:13 UTC Comment #4896
Kool Map! Nice Playability and details. Fun too.
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-02 19:30:05 UTC Comment #4898
Thanks for playin it and for the comments you guys :). Anyone else?

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