dm_coastland (HL2)

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch HL2DM
dm_coastland (HL2) by Habboi
Posted 13 years ago2005-01-03 15:29:50 UTC • Completed • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
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dm_coastland (HL2)
Habboi Habboi
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
13 years ago2005-01-03 15:29:50 UTC
12 years ago2005-07-25 05:36:11 UTC
Download (Hosted Externally)

From text file:
- Dm_Coastland --By Habboi (William Nicholls)
My first real map that i have released as my past maps were failures. Dm_coastland is set in a small little rock pool made by
the sea. As time progressed, it started to form a small cove / rockpool which has resulted in a pit full of garbage that has
been thrown into the sea.

Amount of people in map

Min - 8
Max - 10-12

Copy and paste the bsp file into C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsYour Accounthalf-life 2 deathmatchhl2mpmaps
and start the game and enjoy!


Commented 13 years ago2005-01-03 19:11:06 UTC Comment #5462
p.s. i dont self rate my maps :D
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-03 19:34:51 UTC Comment #5464
thats good I don't Either, but some jackass rated my map way to low, he gave me two stars when it deserved a tleast a 4, but its all,
Now your map, very nice detail.. You got talent.
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-04 10:31:46 UTC Comment #5468
Thankyou but captain p said this in snarkpit and i sorta agree

'Is it me or does that sun not fit with the brightness level and light direction of the map?'
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-05 18:40:34 UTC Comment #5508
habboi, im starting up the TWHL HL2DM server soon, can I host this map on it?
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-07 13:01:36 UTC Comment #5531
I would be honoured if you would host it but could you send me ip so that i may enjoy a good match with people

My hosting is laggy at a ping of 800 so i havent enjoyed a good match to be honest :(
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-10 08:04:00 UTC Comment #5586
meh i dont like hl2 much good game once ya done it gets boring i must be a classic guy like older games :P look good map
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-10 13:38:27 UTC Comment #5588
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-17 17:53:52 UTC Comment #5630
A guy told me he saw my map on some servers and i was wondering have you hosted them???
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-21 16:17:56 UTC Comment #5673
No worries i found the server hosting it and i had a word with them :P
Commented 13 years ago2005-03-25 11:06:12 UTC Comment #6351
Again I am target to the evil rater who rates my maps 2 stars :D

Well seeing as it is happening to me I might as well do it to any maps that look crap except HL2 maps cause they rock!
Commented 13 years ago2005-03-26 19:36:45 UTC Comment #6391
isnt this willita? anyways have i said I LOVE HABBOI!?
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-16 11:56:58 UTC Comment #7299
this is fucking awsome.. its my personal fav of all ur source maps
Commented 13 years ago2005-06-03 12:01:57 UTC Comment #7573
Ah thanks :P
Commented 12 years ago2005-11-07 13:43:45 UTC Comment #9771
If you want this map, ask me on msn @

Download is offline because I had to free some space...Besides, no-one ever plays my maps :D

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