De_full_city (final version)

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De_full_city (final version) by Soup Miner
Posted 13 years ago2005-01-06 19:25:35 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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De_full_city (final version)
Soup Miner Soup Miner
13 years ago2005-01-06 19:25:35 UTC
13 years ago2005-01-06 19:25:35 UTC

This is the last version of de_full_city, I made it very "playable" for all you people who whine about r_speeds. The map itself is still huge and has the same basic shape as the original, so theres not many diferences. Play it, rate it, don't complain about the r_speeds.

Sky: Reach_
Max r_speeds: Rooftops-1500, Ground-1100


Commented 13 years ago2005-01-06 20:28:03 UTC Comment #5519
1500 is still too much for multiplayer, but nowadays all comps can handle it, so it doesn't really matter.
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-06 23:34:34 UTC Comment #5525
I have that TMP skin... w00t HL?!
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-07 08:11:32 UTC Comment #5528
Is this a mod for HL2?
Or is it a map for HLDM? :/
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-07 11:08:35 UTC Comment #5529
if HL2 is that graphics then shame on valve! Not to shit all over your map or anythin its real fun
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-07 11:14:23 UTC Comment #5530
HL2 mapping is a bitch
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-07 13:05:59 UTC Comment #5534
Nice gun model and nice city map i like i like!
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-07 18:34:31 UTC Comment #5541
Thank you for your comments on my map, I also thank you for not compaining about r_speeds, mostly. About the gun. Its actually my mp5 model. I got an mp7 tmp model and redid the skin to look like the HL2 mp7(its original skin is very bright, i darknned it where it wa needed). So to answer anyones question, this is not a Source map. Heh, but get this:
My mp5 model is an mp7, and my mac 10 is an mp5k.
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-08 01:22:52 UTC Comment #5543
1500 R_speeds? it's kind of ironic to say don't complain with 1500, no map i've ever saw had 1500 (yet)
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-08 01:32:19 UTC Comment #5547
You should check out the previous full_city maps.. 5000 was it lol?
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-08 01:33:03 UTC Comment #5548
oh sorry for complaining about r_speeds.. i didnt read your comments thoroughly. but honestly, not all people have comps like yours (even though many do)
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-08 02:20:17 UTC Comment #5554
ok just forget all i said plz, r_speeds is high but epoly is very low so even my computer can handle it
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-08 02:35:55 UTC Comment #5555
In case your wondering, my computer is realy really bad. Its not good. I dont know why everyone is under the impression that it is. Its got terrible graphics, I have to run cs in 640 by 480 just to get 70 fps, and in 1024 by 764 I average about 20 fps. And this isnt cs:s, this is cs 1.6.
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-08 19:33:26 UTC Comment #5563
Who thought it was cs:s if it was then HL2 would just be lame!
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-09 00:01:17 UTC Comment #5566
Can I get some ratings in here?
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-11 14:23:58 UTC Comment #5597
what kind of weapon is it on the screenshot? :S
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-11 18:03:21 UTC Comment #5599
Mp5, sorry if you ever get confuse when I submit a map. I like to show off my models. %stars, woohoo! Thats what I'm talking about!
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-15 04:01:13 UTC Comment #5616
CITY MAPS, FUCK YEAH!! umm that model looks like the one in half life 2. oh and by the way i love city maps so i guess youg get 4 stars
Commented 13 years ago2005-01-15 05:32:53 UTC Comment #5617
A. I know the gun loks like the Half Life 2 mp7, I wanted it that way. lease stop saying that everyone.

B. ROCK ON BROTHER! gives high five City maps shall prevail!
Commented 12 years ago2005-11-04 10:04:03 UTC Comment #9720
for a dark map, the buildings, road etc look abit too bright. good otherwise though!

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