l33t: Conclusive Analysis

Half-Life HL
l33t: Conclusive Analysis by Rimrook
Posted 13 years ago2005-05-14 02:48:26 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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l33t: Conclusive Analysis
Rimrook Rimrook
13 years ago2005-05-14 02:48:26 UTC
12 years ago2005-10-25 12:11:05 UTC
4.50 (2)
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UPDATE: .rmf is included in this zip.

I was playing around with triggers and managed to whip up a quick scenario. See if you can survive. It's kinda easy and I'll update with more difficult scenarios once I make them.


Commented 13 years ago2005-05-14 06:26:28 UTC Comment #7245
Oooh, I think I'll download this. Feedback will come later.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-14 07:31:29 UTC Comment #7249
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-14 11:51:59 UTC Comment #7262
Omg!! That is... teh shit!
Well done!
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-15 09:21:51 UTC Comment #7278
Thats what I thought :D
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-16 14:48:14 UTC Comment #7303
yeah, it a modified version of the test chamber.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-17 03:53:48 UTC Comment #7306
Only smaller.

Btw, this map reminds me of making a short tutorial about the angular velocity on func_trains. Awesome thing.

Your map scared the crap out of me when i saw that piece of blue pipe coming towards me. Thank god i quicksafed at the beginning of the map. Lol
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-20 15:12:06 UTC Comment #7352
Well I've played the map and here's my review:
-Some textures are badly aligned like some of the ladder textures
-Wooden crates containing some radioactive waste don't look too logical... I'd change em' into containers or somethin...
-The barrels have the same texture all over! Change the top texture coz it looks like CRAP...
-NO AMBIENCE... Try adding something like wind...
-The textures repeat too much.. Almost all of the castle walls have the same texture on them...
-Default sky... It doesn't fit the theme...
-It's de_park - isn't it? Add somethin like grass or trees...

+Pretty low r_speeds for such an open map. I am impressed.. :)
+Decent gameplay
In total I'd say that with some graphical tweaking it would become a quite good map... Make a de_park3! :)
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-20 15:12:49 UTC Comment #7353
omg! I'm a dumbass! I reviewed the wrong map! Sry :S I better go to bed now...
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-22 19:12:13 UTC Comment #7388
please tell me which map your talking about and i'll forget about it :)
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-22 19:52:28 UTC Comment #7390
Nicely done. Would you consider releasing the rmf, so we can see how you did some of the stuff?;)

For starters, did you use env_shootters for the thingies--sprites?--shooting out of the crystal when it touches the env_beams/lasers?

Great sequences and architecture, as usual. Only too criticisms/suggestions:

-Clip in front of the blue and red pipes, so you don't walk up them like stairs.
-Move the center of the big cylinder thingy in the center of the room closer to the ceiling. I looks off center currently, imo.

Otherwise, very fun and of course...1337!
Great job, 1000 pts
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-22 20:01:41 UTC Comment #7391
Should've said:

Move the top edge of big cylinder thingy--at the center of the room-, so it's closer to the ceiling, and looks more correctly aligned.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-24 13:47:36 UTC Comment #7421
You should have made the pipes with Vertex Monupilation then they will look better.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-29 10:54:56 UTC Comment #7492
Looks cool, hey, that looks like the test lab areea, you may try and make Black mesa cooler, by making(or should i say Advancing)the whole of HL1!
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-30 12:31:21 UTC Comment #7507
that'd be one helluva project to advance all of HL1...
but if you were to modernize hl1's technology, keep this in mind. People advance technology by making it smaller and faster, more efficient and safer. That's why this test chamber is a bit different and not as large and bulky as the original. Since it is smaller, they could have four of the revised chambers fit inside the original large chamber.

Just wanted to point that out.

I will release the rmf soon, probably on june 3rd. that's when i'll get home. :
Commented 13 years ago2005-06-01 17:22:23 UTC Comment #7530
I will release the rmf soon...
Awsome and thanks!
Commented 12 years ago2005-07-17 10:46:55 UTC Comment #8135
Hey, It's the 17th of July and you havent put the RMF in.Also Rowleybob You need to polish up your BBCode.That quote didn't work.Ps, What the hell was that face at the end supposed to be.You...Are...Strange....
Commented 12 years ago2005-07-17 10:48:20 UTC Comment #8137
And how did you make the sound like the chamber thingie was chargin' up?
Commented 12 years ago2005-07-18 13:18:09 UTC Comment #8149
yeeeeeeeaaahh.... i kinda can't post the rmf for at least another 2 weeks. :(

sorry guys, just have to wait, i don't have my comp right now.
Commented 12 years ago2005-08-02 09:53:03 UTC Comment #8395

Commented 12 years ago2005-08-10 16:07:33 UTC Comment #8549
Very good "quickie" map, Rimrook (4 stars).

A mini-puzzle to get the reaction started, followed by a bit of thinking and trying things to figure out how to survive.

Very nice use of tracktrains, sprites, lasers, etc., to give it a classic HL1 feeling not found in a lot of maps. The construction of the consoles (angles, mixed textures) was nicely done.

Changes in lighting were very good.

I'd like to see more mini-puzzles like this.
Commented 12 years ago2005-08-11 07:33:42 UTC Comment #8559
Thanks, people have been asking for the RMF... i could have uploaded it today but the opportunity slipped by. Now i have to wait a few days again.
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-08 14:02:49 UTC Comment #9365
this map should be in compo 16! :0
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-13 12:04:11 UTC Comment #9424
this map sucks compared to what my real entry is. :D

Commented 12 years ago2005-10-21 10:02:51 UTC Comment #9491

Commented 12 years ago2005-10-21 10:05:19 UTC Comment #9492
Commented 11 years ago2006-09-08 12:44:56 UTC Comment #12963
Good as anomlous materials lab

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