Wildwest Shootout

Team Fortress Classic TFC
Wildwest Shootout by RacerX
Posted 13 years ago2005-05-23 02:20:51 UTC • Completed • Team Fortress Classic
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Wildwest Shootout
RacerX RacerX
Team Fortress Classic
13 years ago2005-05-23 02:20:51 UTC
13 years ago2005-05-23 16:44:37 UTC
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This is a TFC map set in the days of the wild wild west. This version is a sniper only map, but I'm considering allowing other classes as well in a separate version. There are plenty of good places to hide and some unique surprises in the map.

Blow up the church
Piss off God
Destroy the saloon
Flood the town
Cause an earthquake
Smash tombstones
Kill a cow
Ride mining cars
Climb trees
Ring the church bell
Use the tunnel to escape jail
& more!

Make sure to read the MOTD to find out how to do all the tricks!




Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 05:47:36 UTC Comment #7395
Kill a cow! BOOH!!
Btw,, map looks great from the screenshot. I think I'll download this one! :D
May I try, run this map on a tfc server?
I'm trying to make a tcf server, but I don't know wich map I should use. :) But this one looks fun! I can't wait to eat that cow..
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 05:49:24 UTC Comment #7396
The ground just ends there, it is best that the player can't touch the sky or the clip brushes.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 06:25:56 UTC Comment #7397
+Big, much bigger than I thought.
+Custom teams
+Cow model, it was really nice!
-As Elon Yariv said, the ground suddenly ends.
-If you are under the god sprite, you can't see the sprite.
-When you shoot the cow, he disapares, but then, he pops up again, a few minutes later.
-Included sound that wasn't used in the map,, ( example: youwarned.wav)
-Some env_messages just shows up for a second, then they disapare. It went so fast I couldn't read it.

Great map, but needs more work! ;)
But I wouldn't be able to make a better map myself.. :P
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 07:45:47 UTC Comment #7399
Ah so you finally fixed this map then :D
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 11:43:27 UTC Comment #7402
Wow.. Haven't seen any TFC maps in the vault for a long time... Anywho - nice map.. Loved the cow :)
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 12:53:11 UTC Comment #7406
madcow Thanks. Sure you can use it on your server, that's what it's for! :)

Elon Yeah, I know I know. I really don't have much choice that I know of. If I made the town any bigger, the r-speeds got higher than I wanted (same thing if I put a fence around the whole area). I made a slight incline around the town to hint at where the player could not go, but if you have any better idieas, I'd like to hear them. Btw, that's your only comment about the entire map?

madcow2 Yeah I messed with that sprite for so long, but nothing seemed to fix that bug. Got no clue what causes it. People who played earlier versions said they wanted the cow (and tombstones) to reappear to be shot again, so I respawn them after a couple minutes (like the TnT barrels). You think I should change it back? I did take out a couple sounds to fix an issue I was having with resource availability on a specific server, but the youwarned.wav should be what God says after you blow up the church for the second time. Didn't know about the messages, I'll take a look. Thanks! :)

habboi Yes I FINALLY did! :) I got some insperation from the owner of the TFC server I play on to finish it, then I had an epiphany on what was causing my invisible wall problem, and in no time it got done. I also finished CAGEMATCH!!!, which was an even earlier map :O. It's amazing how you can see things more clearly after you take a step back. I nearly killed myself beating my head against the wall trying to fix a couple problems that were easily taken care of after some time off. Go figure.

Daubster Thanks! Try the rest of my maps if you liked this one. :) Plus, there's one at my site that isn't on TWHL.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 13:41:15 UTC Comment #7409
Wow it remainds me of all the westren movies like the good the bad and the ugly! Looks great!!!
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 13:54:10 UTC Comment #7410
Hehe, thanks Elon. I really wanted to put more detail, architecture, fun stuff, etc in the map, but I had to compromise some to make it playable and keep the wide open feel to the map. :)
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-23 14:58:29 UTC Comment #7413
About the ground's end I thought of making a fance with one of the wood textures or the wood texture called out and something.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-24 19:11:31 UTC Comment #7423
I played this map b4 and it was very good.

The subterranean tunnels reminded me of the second Indiana Jones movie, when they were riding the mining carts.
Commented 13 years ago2005-05-25 03:05:53 UTC Comment #7426
This map looks like all the wastren movies mixed togther!!
Commented 11 years ago2006-11-15 13:38:19 UTC Comment #13462
Cool map

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